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ebmag.comAugust 20, 2020

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Cooper Lighting Solutions

Fail-Safe VRVT Series

The Fail-Safe VRVT (Vandal Resistant LED VaporTite) series are tightly sealed with a closed cell foam, in-place gasket and are equipped standard with tamperproof latches and impact resistant lenses. Options include narrow spectrum colour LEDs, perfect for aquaculture, vivariums and specialty material/pharmaceutical production. Use the Fail-Safe VRVT series in applications where vandalism, abuse or extra heavy-duty usage requires a rugged, sealed, high output lighting solution. » Learn more


Delta Transformers New Mitigator e-Silver

This latest series includes Electrostatic Shield, Double Neutral, 150° C, K13 & Aluminum windings as standard. 0 degree or -30 degree phase shifting Providing a True Harmonic Mitigation Solution.

Copper windings, other K factor ratings, 130° C, dual output to a combined 0 and -30 degree phase shift and field adjustable phase shifting at + and – 15 degrees are also available options.

For over 35 years Delta Transformers has been designing and manufacturing in Canada, high quality, reliable and high efficiency transformers for the Canadian market. » Learn more


Stanpro’s High Output lighting solutions

We now offer high output downlight solutions! Obtain outstanding lighting performance to suit any commercial or residential applications with our Gimbal HO offering up to 950 lumens and a CRI of 90. Visit our website for more details on lumen output options for this product. » Learn more


Secure Rittal Service Packages tailored to your requirements!

Rittal Service is as flexible and individual as your requirements, offering tailored service agreements that guarantee all the benefits of lifecycle management for long-term security. You can adapt the scope of services to your specific needs, based on fixed and transparent terms and conditions. This gives your company a high level of fail-safe performance while also enabling you to plan costs thanks to customisable Rittal service contracts. » Click here for our packages

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