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ebmag.comJanuary 21, 2021

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Panel Lockout

Need to lock out a panel? Get a more efficient lockout process with the Panel Lockout. Instead of locking out individual breakers, this device effectively locks out all circuit breakers at once.

Attaches externally — easy to install and remove with a one-piece design
Ultra-adaptable — offers multiple attachment options for electrical panel doors

When you need to stay safe and improve lockout efficiency, get the Panel Lockout from Brady.
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SYLVANIA Outdoor Luminaires – New Area Light and Wall Packs

Light your way to safety and savings.

The new SYLVANIA UltraLED CCT selectable Wall Packs and the ValueLED Area Light are environmentally preferable LED alternatives to conventional luminaires.

Available in several wattage/lumen packages, these outdoor luminaires offer up to 74% energy savings.

Ideal for building exteriors, outdoor corridors, walkways and stairwells while all backed by a 5-year warranty.
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Delta Transformers

Delta Transformers New Mitigator e-Silver

This latest series includes Electrostatic Shield, Double Neutral, 150° C, K13 & Aluminum windings as standard. 0 degree or -30 degree phase shifting Providing a True Harmonic Mitigation Solution.

Copper windings, other K factor ratings, 130° C, dual output to a combined 0 and -30 degree phase shift and field adjustable phase shifting at + and – 15 degrees are also available options.

For over 35 years Delta Transformers has been designing and manufacturing in Canada, high quality, reliable and high efficiency transformers for the Canadian market. » Learn more


Efficient LED Linkable Wraparound

Stanpro’s L2WMG new generation is now available! This new generation offers a higher lumen output and more efficiency as well as a dimming function (when hardwired individually).

Get your hands on our LED linkable wraparound to light a variety of commercial and residential applications. 12’’ linkable cable connectors are also included in the box to allow you to row mount up to 8 units. Discover the L2WMG specifications on our website now! » Learn more

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