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ebmag.comApril 15, 2021

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Your everyday jobsite labeller just got a refresh

Want added durability in an industrial design? Get the BMP®41 Label Printer. Reliable for your most detailed work and rugged enough to use every day.


Jobsite durable and dependable every day
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Hammond Power Solutions

HPS Distribution Transformers Save Time & Money

HPS distribution transformers provide standard features meaning installers buy fewer additional parts and take less time and labour to install. Available as energy efficient General Purpose, K-Factor and Harmonic Mitigating transformers to fit all your application needs. » Learn more


LINK: Aesthetic Emergency Lighting

We have good news for you : Emergency lights don’t have to be an eyesore anymore! Use our L3PNC LED panels with the LINK to get all the benefits of certified emergency lighting without disrupting the aesthetics of your spaces. This emergency power conversion module is a patent pending lighting innovation from Stanpro. Be part of this innovation and discover LINK now! » Learn more


Now Available: R-TOOLS MAXX, the Next Generation Heat Sink Calculator

Mersen’s R-TOOLS MAXX next generation heat sink calculator is a no charge, on-line simulation software that allows users to model the optimum air-cooled heat sink solution tailored to their project requirements. It is completely interactive and available online 24/7. Users can enter the boundary conditions, heat source details, and choice of flow boundaries for a project and the tool will choose a heat sink that best fits the criteria. The software simulation engine outputs an air-cooled heat sink design along with 3D visualization. The software simulation results aid in reducing design time and increasing the reliability of the finished heat sink design, even before the first prototype is built. » Learn more

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