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This latest series includes Electrostatic Shield, Double Neutral, 150° C, K13 & Aluminum windings as standard. 0 degree or -30 degree phase shifting Providing a True Harmonic Mitigation Solution.

Copper windings, other K factor ratings, 130° C, dual output to a combined 0 and -30 degree phase shift and field adjustable phase shifting at + and – 15 degrees are also available options.

For over 35 years Delta Transformers has been designing and manufacturing in Canada, high quality, reliable and high efficiency transformers for the Canadian market.
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Stanpro (Standard Products Inc.), one of the Canadian leaders in the lighting industry, is celebrating its 60th anniversary! After 60 years in business, one merge and one global pandemic, Standard Products continues to provide innovative lighting solutions to the North American market thanks to the 300 Canadians it employs across the country and their 6 dedicated regional teams. Visit our website to discover our newest lighting solutions!
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Fan-and-filter cooling units are an effective way to dissipate heat from an enclosure and prevent the intrusion of harmful agents in ambient air. In our new white paper, you'll learn:

• Thermal calculations to consider with fan-and-filter cooling units
• How to select the right unit for your application
• How to install a fan-and-filter unit for optimal performance
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