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HPS Titan X three phase encapsulated transformer is ideal for industrial and hazardous locations that require conformity to IECEx, ATEX, UKEx, making it is suitable for use in applications globally. The transformer core and coil is completely encapsulated providing excellent protection from airborne contaminants and prevents the ingress of moisture.
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Market leading energy savings for the harshest environments

Whether you’re looking for economical lighting solutions, corrosion-resistant fixtures for punishing industrial environments or energy-saving LED, Sceptalight fixtures from IPEX prove themselves to be all-round performers in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Reinforced support feet offer secure mounting
  • Easily connects to non-metallic and metallic
  • Resists attack from various types of chemicals
  • High-impact non-metallic guard resists physical
    impact, chemical attack, and heat-induced
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Too often we see user frustration from conventional SPDs (surge protection devices) wearing out in the field. SurgePure Industrial SPDs never leave you second guessing if you are protected or not with their ‘Non-Degrading’ design. SurgePure incorporates a unique ‘Single-Element’ design along with a proprietary ‘Fuse-Link’ that can be sustained throughout many high-energy surge events that would otherwise degrade the integrity of the MOV (metal oxide varistor).
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