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The SYLVANIA LED Light Disk is a downlight kit producing high performance light, optimized for new construction and retrofit applications. Multiple installation options are available for both recessed and surface mount applications. Fits into most 4", 5" and 6" recessed downlight fixtures, and is suitable for dry, damp and wet locations.
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Mersen is pleased to announce improvements to its AJT series of fuses (15-100 Amp models), enabling an increase in AC operating voltage from 600VAC to 700VAC. This has been done primarily to better accommodate power transmission networks at 585V or 600V, especially common in Northeast Canada and the Midwest US.

Mersen’s Class J AJT fuses are compact fuses that offer big protection. The most current-limiting UL-class fuse, Mersen’s AJT series provides optimal performance and saves valuable panel space. Their time-delay characteristic allows for use in a wide range of applications. AJT fuses are available in indicating and non-indicating versions.
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Enjoy the ultimate in versatility with Stanpro's line of selectable outdoor luminaires. With a single product, you will benefit from several choices of powers and color temperatures on the construction site. From wall packs, to flood lights, to area lighting, choose selectable products.

Reduce your inventory by stocking Stanpro selectable products!
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  • Pre-sized self-laminating vinyl wraps (Brady’s B-427 material)
  • Repositionable vinyl labels (Brady’s B-851 material)
  • Water-dissolvable labels (Brady’s B-403 material)
  • Pre-sized high adhesion nylon labels (Brady B-499 material)
  • Pre-sized harsh-environment polyester labels (Brady’s B-423 material)
Over 90 label cartridge offerings in both continuous and pre-sized options, for wire marking, cable ID and general identification.
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The Mitigator e-Series provides the industry with the highest of standards for transformers designed to mitigate harmonics present in typical commercial, institutional and industrial environments. First in its class, the Mitigator e-Series leads the industry in both quality and performance. The Mitigator e-Series offers three distinct models to address the full scope of harmonic mitigation applications. The patented*, field adjustable phase shifting feature is available on each model. The enclosure is a Type 3R enclosures.
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Too often we see user frustration from conventional SPDs (surge protection devices) wearing out in the field. SurgePure Industrial SPDs never leave you second guessing if you are protected or not with their ‘Non-Degrading’ design. SurgePure incorporates a unique ‘Single-Element’ design along with a proprietary ‘Fuse-Link’ that can be sustained throughout many high-energy surge events that would otherwise degrade the integrity of the MOV (metal oxide varistor).
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