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LEDVANCE LINK™ Bluetooth® mesh technology makes networked lighting control quick, easy and painless. It’s the ideal solution for contractors who want to offer their customers the convenience and energy efficiency of the latest lighting solutions—without the hassle and expense of additional wiring or complicated gateways.
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Mersen is pleased to announce that recent improvements to its AJT series of fuses, enabling an increase in AC operating voltage from 600VAC to 700VAC, now extend to the full range of ampere ratings, 1-600A. These improvements have been made primarily to better accommodate power transmission networks at 585V or 600V, especially common in Northeast Canada and the Midwest US.

Mersen’s Class J AJT fuses are compact fuses that offer big protection. The most current-limiting UL-class fuse, Mersen’s AJT series provides optimal performance and saves valuable panel space. Their time-delay characteristic allows for use in a wide range of applications. AJT fuses are available in indicating and non-indicating versions.

Mersen is the only fuse manufacturer to offer Class J fuses with the 700VAC specification. The fuses have been UL self tested.
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All Delta general purpose transformers meet the most stringent industrial standards on account of their optimal design, superior quality and ease of installation. Quality Assurance The Quality Assurance Department is separate from Production and Engineering in order to guarantee the independence required for maintaining strict quality control. Our quality assurance program complies with ISO standards and is available on all our transformers. Electrical tests are performed in accordance with the standard specifications.
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Stanpro’s Easy Out series of emergency lighting consists of quick and easy installation signs, combos, remotes and battery units.

Stanpro uses the latest technologies to maximize the performance, reliability, optimum spacing and cost efficiency.

As a proud Canadian based business, our products are designed and manufactured for the Canadian market, while meeting the highest standards in the industry.

Explore our readily available emergency lighting products that will best suit your projects.
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