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Top recurring revenue business ideas for electricians

One of the best ways to grow your business is through recurring revenue, which is predictable, stable revenue that comes into your business at regular intervals. It helps you better maintain cash flow, reduce reliance on one-time sales and, most importantly, allows you to forecast revenue so that you can make better future business decisions.

Estimating software: what to look for

How much time do you spend away from family and friends on evenings and weekends because you’re doing estimates? While it’s a big decision, the right software will accelerate your estimating time and accuracy. First you need to know how much time and money estimating is costing you, then you can determine whether dedicated software can help you on those fronts.

You haven’t signed anything... is there a construction contract?

The short answer is Maybe. The better answer looks at the course of conduct between parties, because “Every case turns on its facts and an analysis of the parties’ intentions”. If it looks as though discussions and negotiations are underway, you may very well have entered into a contract.

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Everything you need to manage your business

Simpro is the total business management software for your business. With Simpro, you can easily control every aspect of your business - job quoting, scheduling, project management, inventory tracking, workflow management, invoicing, and more from one spot. Our smart technology solutions and expert long-term support helps businesses build, repair, and power their future with complete control over operations.

"Simpro has saved us time and money. We are able to do more without more staff."
- Littell Electric
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Mandatory construction emissions disclosure and reduction

In the pursuit of its net-zero targets, the Government of Canada will compel construction suppliers to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions AND set reduction targets. Additionally, you will be required to report and reduce the embodied carbon footprint of all new major government construction projects. » Learn more

Estimating hacks: tips & tricks for success

The foundation to any profitable job is a well-considered, properly prepared estimate. Mistakes can be costly so, as much as possible, you want to get it right the first time. But mistakes can and do happen, which is why you should watch “Estimating hacks: tips & tricks for success” and Level Up as an estimator. » WATCH

No net-zero path without electrical pros

The 2022 Annual Report from Ottawa’s Net-Zero Advisory Body contains 25 pieces of advice that “will help strengthen net-zero governance in Canada, build the industrial policy that Canada needs to thrive in a clean economy, and transform our energy systems for a net-zero future”. The main takeaway? Canada’s net-zero path will require electrical professionals every step of the way. » Read more

Free contractor training on National Energy Code

Contractors should take advantage of a free, self-directed online course on the 2020 National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings. Tailored specifically for you, this course details systems, components and equipment for energy performance efficiency. It also clarifies the prescriptive path, trade-off path, performance path, and tiered building performance compliance. » Learn more