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Large electricity users in Ontario are paying 65% more than large consumers in the rest of Canada.1 They are paying 10% more than last year, and there's no relief in sight.2

That's why commercial and industrial facilities in Ontario are actively seeking ways to reduce their Global Adjustment charges, which increased 13% between June 2018 and June 2019 alone.3

You can reduce your energy bill through curtailment, but that's not always an option. The choice often boils down to energy storage vs generators to address load.

While generators are generally cheaper, there are many reasons why energy storage can—in the long run—provide greater overall value when taking into account all technical considerations... especially in Ontario!

Learning objectives of this FREE webinar:

  • Technical considerations for evaluating energy storage to reduce Global Adjustment charges.
  • Pros and cons of energy storage and generators.
  • Interconnecting behind-the-meter (BTM) battery energy storage systems (BESS) and working with LDCs.
    * Case study: 10 MW BTM BESS in Sarnia, Ont.

Join Energy Manager Canada's Anthony Capkun as he hosts Convergent's SVP of Engineering & Project Development, Robin Gray, and SVP of Business Development, Toby Tiktinsky, to learn about the various technical considerations of energy storage (vs generators) to reduce your facility's Global Adjustment charges.

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, November 26 at 2 pm (EST) for 1 hour.


NOTE: While everyone is welcome to attend this free, educational webinar, the presentation will unfold against the backdrop of Ontario and mitigating Global Adjustment charges.

1. "The Ontario Government's electricity policies 2018-2019: How they are failing and how to fix them", Fraser Institute, November 2019.
2. According to the Ontario Ministry of Energy's recent Industrial Electricity Pricing consultation.
3. Adjusted for inflation.