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Are you ready to leverage AI
to optimize your HVAC system?
Your building and its ventilation systems present complex problems – but they don’t have to be tough to solve. Facilities professionals are among our most important lines of defense when it comes to creating safe, healthy, supportive work environments. Not only are you charged with improving the wellbeing, comfort, and performance of buildings, you’re also looking for strategies that help reduce energy consumption and operational costs while achieving these priorities.

Optimize your indoor environment and lower your operating costs using the Dynamic VAV Optimization (DVO) software solution. Instead of the traditional trial-and-error based approach, DVO HVAC optimization relies on a cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) powered algorithm to control ventilation rates and air temperature as well as humidity levels. The result is greater occupant comfort and health while also removing potential points of failure from the control algorithm.

The buildings in which we live and work are inextricably connected to our health and wellbeing—and it’s never been more important to create indoor environments that help protect all of us. DVO helps confidently reopen your buildings post-covid by meeting the latest guidance from ASHRAE while keeping energy & sustainability goals in mind.
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