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Lighting Connects is an exciting service offered by Electrical Business and Energy Manager that puts you in direct contact with suppliers offering exceptional energy-efficient lighting products. Just CLICK an item of interest, and you will be linked directly to additional information.


Cree’s LS Series now offers performance options tuned to your priorities: the new efficiency-optimized LS-FD High Efficiency for maximum energy savings, and LS TrueWhite® for exceptional color rendering. The LS-FD delivers high-quality white light with 82+ CRI at a stellar 130 LPW to capture DLC 4.0 Premium rebates for maximum energy efficiency and savings. Where color matters most, the LS TrueWhite® delivers 92 CRI color quality at an efficient 103 LPW.
Only 3" wide and less than 3" deep, the full-length lens housing allows multiple LS Series fixtures to be quickly installed for a near-seamless run of uniform illumination.Either is an outstanding choice for surface-, suspended-, cove- or pendant-mounted applications for retail, industrial, commercial, corporate, institutional and educational environments. >> Learn more..


GE LED replacement lamps for HID

Current, powered by GE’s new Generation 2 (Gen 2) LED HID replacement lamp leverages the low energy and long life of LED, while ensuring ease of installation. The lamp easily screws into existing fixtures without the need of costly upgrades or wiring. It uses 50% less energy and a similar light output as traditional HID lamps. The lamp is also very versatile, boasting instant-on/brightness and available for open and enclosed fixture-rated options with temperature rating from -20°C to 50°C. With 50,000 hours rated life and 2.5X longer life than a traditional HID, the Gen 2 LED HID lamp is leading the way, being environmentally conscious and versatile with ease of installation. >> Learn more

Standard Products

Retrofit Commercial LED Downlights

STANDARD now offers an LED retrofit commercial Downlight that replaces 36/57 watt CFL and 100/150 watt HID recessed downlights, with a higher CRI. Quickly convert existing downlights to this ENERGY STAR approved commercial downlight without removing the existing frame. By using this commercial downlight to retrofit your existing one, you will benefit from considerable energy savings as well as reduce the maintenance costs; no need to change the lightbulb or the ballast! These dimmable downlights are available in 6, 8 and 10 inch options and in colour temperatures of 3,500 and 4,000 K and are perfect for any commercial application. >> Learn more


DLC approved High Power LED Floodlights:

Compact in size and powered by Meanwell drivers, Arani’s High Power LED Floodlights are available in 220W, 440W and 640W and can replace traditional lighting equivalent to 1000W. Built to perform in extreme weather conditions (-40°C to 45°C, IP65), they are ideal for parking areas, pathways, streets and intersections. Bracket-mounted or installed with a slip fitter, these luminaires are compatible with most standard posts, and allow easy beam direction adjustment.
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Sylvania - Vintage Lamp

The new SYLVANIA LEDVANCE LED luminaires: No frills. Just quality.

Straightforward, efficient and easy-to-install products with proven quality and performance, perfectly matched to your everyday requirements.
Not only do SYLVANIA LEDVANCE LED luminaires provide a copious amount of energy savings, the portfolio provides the right design per application as well as easy installation with proven quality and performance. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio that matches a wide variety of needs for your day-to-day applications. Or in short: SYLVANIA—a brand you can trust.
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