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Ameresco-led energy retrofits supported by $100 million from CIB

The Canada Infrastructure Bank and Ameresco Canada Inc. have reached a deal under which CIB will commit to fund up to $100 million toward building energy efficiency upgrades. “Our $100-million funding commitment and its long-term impact will result in resilient, energy-efficient Canadian infrastructure [...],” said Ehren Cory, CEO, CIB. The types of retrofits could include LED lighting conversion, high-efficiency electrified HVAC, onsite solar plus battery storage, and other GHG-reducing technologies.

Tell us what’s on your mind in less than 1 MINUTE

Please take ONE minute to complete our AUDIENCE SURVEY—a simple multiple-choice questionnaire that will help us better deliver the information you need and use for proactive energy and/or emissions management. As a Thank You for your time, you will have the opportunity to enter our draw for one of four $25 coffee gift cards. SURVEY closes June 23, 2023. Thanks in advance! – Anthony Capkun, Editor.

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An Important Step in the Direction of Net-Zero

Design Envelope Permanent Magnet Pumps save you 35-65% on pumping energy. With the performance of our new motors, you can choose lower hp pumps with smaller controls on 40% of projects. Plus, you get cloud-connected performance tracking with fault detection and diagnostics. Learn more here.
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4 ways sustainable infrastructure can bolster business goals

With buildings being responsible for almost 40% of annual global CO2 emissions, building owners and operators are beginning to understand the critical role they will play in the coming years. Improving the efficiency of these buildings is the first step on the road to decarbonization because—unlike many other sustainability-driven investments—energy efficiency provides an attractive, low-risk return on investment. However, reducing emissions and waste while generating financial benefits aren’t the only reasons for investing in sustainable infrastructure projects. » Read more

Energy instability is threatening profitability and competitiveness

Businesses around the world remain concerned about the impacts of energy security and prices which, according to a recent survey, “could be a catalyst for a range of environmental, social and economic ripple effects”. The key impacts on businesses due to rising energy costs in the last year include lower profit margins (34%), and spending cuts in some areas (34%). Over a third (38%) have reduced technology investment (or plan to), while a third (33%) expect to cut spending on infrastructure. 31% foresee a decline in marketing spend. » Read more

Just around the corner – ASHRAE Annual Conference

ASHRAE is hosting its annual conference June 24-28 in Tampa, Fla., and there are numerous tracks that should catch your eye: 1) HVAC&R Systems and Equipment. 2) Fundamentals and applications. 3) Research summit. 4) Pathways to net-zero energy and decarbonization. 5) Future-proofing the built environment. 6) Building automation and control systems. 7) Professional development and education. » Read more


Yorkland Controls incorporating 75F IoT-based building controls

Yorkland Controls, a provider of building automation and control systems, is collaborating with 75F to bring “advanced technology and enhanced functionality” to its product portfolio, enabling customers to achieve “optimal comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality in their commercial buildings”. The 75F solution seamlessly integrates custom hardware and software, and leverages IoT to enable automation and remote management of HVAC systems. » Learn more


Eaton Charging Network Manager for networked EV stations

Eaton’s new Charging Network Manager platform optimizes electric vehicle charging network operations from a single dashboard. Within the online operator portal, site hosts can view and manage location and station information, driver access, payment processing, load distribution, reporting capabilities and more. » Learn more


BOMEX Edmonton

September 16-28, Edmonton » More info

The Buildings Show

November 29 – December 1, Toronto » More info