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The benefits of fuel switching for industrial decarbonization – CIPEC Webinar

The Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation is presenting information on the Industrial Systems Optimization Program from its CanmetENERGY laboratory in Bell’s Corner. The target audience is Canada’s industrial sector, who will learn about the benefits of fuel switching for industrial decarbonization and solid liquid and gaseous biofuels for industry.

Leviton Canada achieves carbon neutrality... ahead of schedule

Leviton Canada says it had committed to reaching carbon neutrality by 2025 but, in fact, achieved this objective two years earlier, in the second quarter of 2023. With energy-efficient lighting in place and hydroelectricity powering most of the facility, Leviton Canada says it identified transportation (upstream and downstream) as the largest contributor to its carbon footprint.

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Forerunner in liquid cooling, Hithium supplies first totally liquid-cooled plant

Stationary battery manufacturer Hithium’s 300Ah cell-based modules feature the company’s proprietary immersion liquid-cooling technology. The first power station to be entirely supplied with liquid-cooling battery products features Hithium’s technology, with the manufacturer serving as core provider for the 140MWh plant in China’s Guangdong Province. Hithium’s 300Ah cell broke ground with its 12,000 cycle life and <2% degradation in the first 1000 cycles.
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Getting community facilities from carbon reduction to net-zero

To reduce GHG emissions by the target year, the federal government needs the support of municipal leaders. After all, municipalities own about 60% of all public infrastructure and play a critical role in driving climate change initiatives. Municipalities, however, are under pressure to lead wider-spread climate initiatives and find ways to support community greening efforts. One of the ways in which municipalities can do this is by making community buildings more resilient and sustainable. » Read more

The unfair import situation that’s hurting “clean” Canadian wire and cable

Urgent action—that’s what producers of electrical wire/cable and steel in Canada would like to see from Ottawa to create a fair marketplace and support their long-term success. Canadian companies have been subject to onerous rules and regulations that do not apply to their foreign competitors importing into Canada, explains Catherine Swift. “The steel and aluminum industries are a classic example. These industries work hard and spend significant monies to conform to Canadian environmental regulations and other rules that are not imposed on their foreign competitors.” » Read more

Autani and LiteTrace merge for ”the future of smart technology solutions”

Autani, a provider of building automation and energy management solutions, is merging with LiteTrace, a player in Bluetooth lighting control solutions. With the aim of creating a “global leader in smart commercial building technologies and energy optimization”, the merger combines Autani’s building automation platform with LiteTrace’s Keilton brand of Bluetooth mesh lighting controls. » Read more


Decarb Connect – Toronto

October 24-26, Toronto. Energy Manager Canada is a Media Partner. » More info

The Buildings Show

November 29-December 1, Toronto » More info

ASHRAE Winter Conference 2024

January 20-24, Chicago, Ill. Held concurrently with AHR Expo. » More info

AHR Expo 2024

January 22-24, Chicago, Ill. Held concurrently with ASHRAE Winter Conference. » More info