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Cooling on the Cutting Edge – The Taylor building and lakewater

Looking at Tricon Residential’s 37-storey, multi-use purpose-built rental building in downtown Toronto, you’d never know it was different from others of its type—unless you had a sky-high vantage point to check out its mechanical penthouse, that is. That’s because The Taylor is cooled not through normal air conditioning but through the district heating/cooling system from Enwave that uses cold water from nearby Lake Ontario.

Peterborough secures $9.3 million for new zero-carbon fire station

The City of Peterborough, Ont., is getting $9.3 million from the Green Municipal Fund to construct a new net-zero fire station, replacing the existing Fire Station 2 on Carnegie Road. Of the total amount, approximately $1.2 million will be in grants, and the remainder will be roughly $8.2 million in loans. Fire Station 2 is over half a century old, reports Natural Resources Canada, and no longer able to meet the city’s needs.


Wilkinson reveals Canada Greener Homes Initiative

Canada’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson, announced the federal government will establish a new phase of the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, which will offer supports that are “more accessible to Canadian households with low to median incomes”. “The enormous popularity of the first phase of the Canada Greener Homes Grant illustrates Canadians’ desire for their homes to be affordable, comfortable, and sustainable,” he said. » Read more

Niagara RNG project to reduce GHGs by 48,000 tonnes a year

The Niagara Renewable Natural Gas facility has reached final stages of commissioning, reports Walker Industries, adding that it is now the largest RNG project in Ontario. “For the past 20 years, we have been harnessing landfill gas into energy, and we are excited to provide a consistent source of clean natural gas that can heat homes and support industrial activity for many years to come,” said Geordie Walker, president & CEO. » Read more

With over 100K members, Peak Perks can deliver demand reduction up to 90 MW

The Independent Electricity System Operator reports that more than 100,000 Ontarians have enrolled in the Save on Energy Peak Perks program. During Summer 2023, Peak Perks was activated on six occasions, with the final event in early September achieving a maximum 1-hour peak demand reduction of 54 MW. With more than 100,000 Ontario residents now enrolled, current participants in the program can deliver a demand reduction of up to 90 MW, notes IESO. » Read more

Lynnette Schaeffer is Ledvance’s new director of training

Lynnette Schaeffer has joined Ledvance as the new director of training, where she will oversee the company’s Lightpoint training program. “With over two decades dedicated to the lighting and electrical industry, her expertise in supply chain management, product development, and manufacturing will bring a lot of value to Ledvance and our customers,” said Pedro Sega, head, Marketing USC, Ledvance. » Read more


Daikin’s Magnitude WMT: water-cooled chiller

Daikin Applied has introduced the Magnitude WMT: a magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller designed for the low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R-1233zd(E). The chiller’s magnetic bearing compressor with a variable frequency drive provides additional energy efficiency gains, and eliminates lubrication, mechanical seals, wear surfaces and gears, says the company. » Learn more


Ledalite BloomBox deliver uniform light and allows for greater spacing

Signify says it has applied “transformative concepts from its U.S. Department of Energy L-Prize-winning luminaire prototype” to develop the Ledalite BloomBox recessed LED lighting solution. A 2 x 2-ft troffer with a small, housing-agnostic lighting module, the BloomBox promises high efficacy (170 lumens/W) and a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) >93. » Learn more


Light + Building

March 3-8, Frankfurt am Main, Germany » More info

The MEET Show

May 1-2, Moncton, N.B. » More info

PM Springfest

May 9, Toronto (by invitation) » More info