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Featured Product: Double rail extrusions suit rugged subracks
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Report highlights economic contributions of engineering

Employment growth for engineering and applied science technologists and technicians has strongly outpaced overall employment growth for Canada as a whole for the past 15-years, according to study results released by the Conference Board of Canada. » Read full article

Job growth for engineering tech pros outpaces national average

Canada's engineering and applied science technicians and technologists possess highly in-demand skills and make a significant contribution to the Canadian economy, according to a new study from The Conference Board of Canada. » Read full article

Improved tech, falling prices drive graphene growth

Graphene has been touted as a 'wonder material' with the potential to disrupt and revolutionize technologies utilized in electronics, energy, and other high-tech industries. Applications with higher technology readiness levels, including graphene-based polymer composites, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, water filtration systems and oilfield chemicals, will drive initial commercial demand, according to new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm. » Read full article

Sony Electronics forms 'business incubation group'

Sony Electronics announced the establishment of the New Business Incubation Group (BIG), to consolidate its new concept design and technology products under one umbrella for US and Canada. The group comprises a number of currently segregated business hubs including — Life Space UX, Digital Paper, SmartEyeglass and Sports Entertainment Business. » Read full article

Molex acquires Interconnect Systems

Molex, a leading global manufacturer of electronic solutions, has acquired Interconnect Systems (ISI) Inc., specialists in the design and manufacture of high density silicon packaging with advanced interconnect technologies. » Read full article

Sensors driving next-generation wearable devices

Wearable sensors continue to dominate discussions regarding new designs, with latest examples of options in MEMS, textiles and more presented at wearable conference in Seoul, Korea last week. Additional discussions during the event extended to topics like glucose sensing (including enzyme-free examples), sensor fusion and beyond. » Read full article
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Durable Enough To Work Where You Do

Panasonic's durable Toughbook notebooks and Toughpad tablets are made to perform in the harshest environments. With enterprise grade security, a body that can withstand shocks, rain, dust, sand, altitudes, various temperatures, and humidity, Panasonic is winning over the world's toughest users. Toughbooks and Toughpads are portable enough go wherever the job takes you, while being tough enough to work as hard as you do. Learn More

Why buy authentic? The case against counterfeit products

The counterfeiting of popular brands continues to increase each year, costing industries $1.77 trillion annually. Specifically, electrical product counterfeiting makes up an estimated five to seven percent of world trade. These counterfeit electrical products, including circuit breakers, extension cords and surge protectors, are unsafe lookalikes that have the potential to harm both people and property. » read more
TEKTRONIX P7700 series

Performance oscilloscope probes tackle smaller, faster designs

TEKTRONIX P7700 series of TriMode probes for use with firm's performance oscilloscopes provides up to 20GHz bandwidth. Devices ease the challenges designers face when debugging circuits found in the latest mobile and enterprise designs by minimizing probe loading, improving access to smaller, more-densely packed test locations and lowering overall cost of ownership. Probe's input amplifier is located <4mm from the connection point, minimizing signal loss, probe tip capacitance and noise. » Learn More

Double rail extrusions suit rugged subracks

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES Double rail extrusions with dual mounting provide the modular framework for electronics enclosures. Products provide mounting holes for a second screw, delivering more stability and strength for a modular enclosure. The rails have been tested and used in German railway applications for high resistance to shock/vibration and the ability to handle extreme loads. » Learn More

3D AOI system accurately inspects components

Vi TECHNOLOGY K Series 3D AOI 3D inspection solution delivers accurate component inspection in electronics manufacturing environment. K Series3D delivers accurate all-around defect coverage including lifted components, lifted leads, tombstones, etc., for components up to 25mm in height. » Learn More

Current sense resistor delivers up to 5-Watts

KOA SPEER TLRH3AP Current Sense Resistor provides up to a 5-Watt power rating in a 2512 package. The metal plate low resistance resistor designed for current detection. Device provides improved dimensional accuracy and low height with a thickness as low as 0.5mm. » Learn more
GaAS MMIC driver

GaAS MMIC driver amplifier boost gain over wide bandwidth

CUSTOM MMIC CMD232 2-9GHz wideband GaAs MMIC driver amplifier provides high gain, wide bandwidth, single positive supply voltage and a small die size. At 6GHz device delivers greater than 15dB of gain with a corresponding output 1dB compression point of +17dBm and an output IP3 of 23dBm. » Learn More

Innovative wide VIN dc-dc controller boosts 65V operation

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LM5140-Q1 2.2-MHz, dual-channel synchronous buck converter reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and high-frequency noise in high-voltage dc-dc step-down applications. Controller includes dual outputs with phase interleaving and is offered in wettable flank packaging that speeds manufacturing. » Learn More
Orion Fans

Oscilloscopes deliver single-touch gesture control

TELEDYNE LECROY WaveRunner 8000 oscilloscopes with OneTouch single-touch gesture control provides bandwidths from 500MHz to 4GHz, delivering a toolbox coupled with enhanced user experience to expedite solving debug problems. Unit delivers a wide and deep collection of tools, boosting its power. » Learn More

Thin cooling fan delivers 0.60cfm

JARO THERMAL Micro-Fan measures 17x17x4 mm (at 15,000rpm) and provides static pressure of 2.413 mm H2O. Product’s life expectancy is 50,000 hours, with operating voltages from 2.8 to 3.5Vdc. » Learn More
OTTO LP9 Series

EPTECH Markham

April 21, 2016
Location: Le Parc » more info


April 25-29, 2016
Location: Hannover, Germany » more info

Mari-Tech 2016

May 5-6, 2016
Location: St. John's Convention Centre » more info