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Production Equipment News 
Ikonix (SCi)

Connecting biology with electronics - be rigid, yet flexible

If you want to interface electronics and biology, you need a material that effectively communicates across those two realms - reports University of Washington

Automotive, aerospace, materials to benefit from graphene

While many industries will benefit from the remarkable properties of graphene, three stand out as having the greatest potential automotive, aerospace and materials. A new report predicts that this trio will make strong gains from graphene within a 5-10-year time-frame.

Graphene electrodes deliver new functionalities in molecular electronic nanodevices

An international team of researchers led by the University of Bern and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has revealed a new way to tune the functionality of next-generation molecular electronic devices using graphene. The results could be exploited to develop smaller, higher-performance devices for use in a range of applications including molecular sensing, flexible electronics and energy conversion.
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Featured Article

Top 5 things to know when moving from hand to robotic assembly

A lot of factors go into the decision to hand build or outsource circuit boards. I hand build my own sometimes, simply because I enjoy the challenge. Of course most of the projects I design are for my own use, so timeliness isn't that important. » Read More
Production Products 

Quality assurance system optional for wire crimping machines

SCHLEUNIGER WireCam optional quality assurance system for firm's CrimpCenters monitors the stripping results and certain properties of positioned seals. A camera takes a picture of the processed wire end, while the wire is in motion, or "on-the-fly". » Read More

Low viscosity conformal coating delivers 20cP viscosity

DYMAX Multi-Cure 9452-FC conformal coating is formulated with a new technology as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings. » Read More

Net-list testing goes beyond AOI, bed-of-nails test

ERNI Net-list testing goes beyond AOI and bed-of-nails testing, ensuring all products meet customer specs and eliminates the risk of a bad printed circuit board reaching the end product. » Read More

Nanocoating protects semis, component packaging

SEMBLANT CircuitShield anti-corrosion, waterproofing and reliability enhancement technology delivers a sustainable, streamlined and cost-effective protective solution for semiconductor devices, printed circuit boards and other electronic components. » Read More

SMTA- Golf Tournament

August 30
Location: Glen Eagle Golf Club, Bolton ON
» Read More

SMTA International

September 17 - 21
Location: Donald E Stephens Convention Center
» Read More

EPTECH Quebec City

September 26
Location: Hotel Plaza Quebec
» Read More