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Myant launches SKIIN smart clothing platform

Myant Inc., a Toronto-based innovation hub for designing developing and producing wearable tech products, launched its SKIIN  smart clothing platform at CES in Las Vegas this month.

Apple CEO Tim Cook makes visit to Canada

Apple chief executive Tim Cook is visiting Canada for the first time, stopping in for an unannounced appearance with Toronto students to promote the company’s initiative to focus on coding education.

BlackBerry sees QNX Division as fast track to future

BlackBerry Ltd., a company increasingly focused on technology for the self-driving vehicle market, is making an inaugural visit to North America’s biggest auto show in Detroit, where CEO John Chen’s team says the company will debut a new product this month.

Why we should celebrate (and not fear) quantum computing

Over the past year, various headlines have warned ominously about the impending threat of quantum computing to encryption and security. As a scientist and executive for the leading corporate program of quantum research, I can assert these fears are unnecessary. We are still decades away from breaking modern encryption with this technology, when it won’t matter anyway, for reasons I’ll explain. » Read More

Interchangeable, intermateable connectors suit harsh environments

SOURIAU Trim Trio series of harsh environment connectors are based on a contact platform that can be shared among several connector designs. » Learn More

Coaxial barrel plug format serves high current applications

GLOBTEK Molded coaxial barrel plug in 5.5x2.5mm format is rated up to 10A of current and offered in both straight and angled format. » Learn More

Depth cameras deliver best-in-class sensing for makers, developers

INTEL RealSense family of D400 Depth Cameras (models D415 and D435) add 3D capabilities to any prototype development or end-user ready device or machine. » Learn more

Dev kit unlocks power of GPU in embedded system designs

NVIDIA Jetson TK1 developer kit allow designers to unlock the power of the GPU for embedded systems applications. » Learn more

EPTECH Markham

February 24 - March 1
Location: Le Parc
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APEC 2018

March 4 - 8
Location: San Antonio TX
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