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Eptech 2018

Self-assembling 3D battery would charge in seconds

A rendering of the 3D battery architecture (top; not to scale) with interpenetrating anode (grey, with minus sign), separator (green), and cathode (blue, plus sign), each about 20 nanometers in size. Below are their respective molecular structures.

Intel at 50: Innovation platform for a new era

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Intel, a company born at the dawn of the technology industry – the advent of the integrated circuit. Since that day — July 18, 1968 — Intel’s impact has been felt through a progression of tech waves, including the personal computer, the internet and the cloud.

Conductive inks: conformal 3D-shaped coatings are a game-changing success?

A major frontier in the conductive ink business is conformal coating on 3D-shaped objects. For the purposes of this article, this will be divided into two categories as shown below: aerosol-deposited 3D-shaped antennas and conformal on-chip EMI shielding.
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DIN 41 612 Connector Testimonial

Every design has its challenges – choose the right connector supplier who’s willing to meet your unique needs.
>> Watch the case study

Circumventing electronic OEM corrosion headaches

Avoiding corrosion on manufactured components is in the best interest of electronic OEMs for several reasons: maintaining good customer relations, reducing material waste, and ensuring optimum performance of equipment and electrical controls. » Read More

Cat7A module brings ultra-high speed Ethernet to the connector

HARTING Han-Modular Gigabit Cat7A data transmission module raises the speed limit in industrial connectivity, unlocking the potential of ultra high speed Ethernet » Learn more

3-phase filter capacitors are robust

TDK CORP B3237* series of EPCOS MKD 3-phase capacitors for filter applications cover a voltage range from 250VRMS to 850 VRMSin 10 stages » Learn more

Parallel board-to-board connectors deliver removable caps

MILL-MAX Horizontal SMT (HSMT) headers (328-10-1XX-40-020001) and sockets (835-43-0XX-40-030001) are suitable for low profile parallel board-to-board or board-to-component mating. » Learn more

Real-time oscilloscopes speed research for terabit innovators

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Infiniium UXR series oscilloscopes support terabit research with real-time bandwidth up to 110GHz, sample rate (256GSa/s) and improved signal integrity » Learn more

EPTECH Winnipeg

September 18
Location: Victoria Inn and Convention Centre
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EPTECH Mississauga

October 2
Location: Mississauga Convention Centre
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EPTECH Waterloo

October 4
Location: Bingemans Conference Centre
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