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Eptech 2018

5G is coming: What to expect and why

5th-Generation Wireless Systems (5G), says the optimist, will revolutionize our life as the 3G/4G systems did. 5G is expected to finally bring the autonomous car, VR and internet of things to reality and make science fiction come true.

Google Gen pushes for tech to transform health care

Digitally savvy Canadians who make up the Google Generation are on the leading edge of a transformation in the health-care system that will see a greater reliance on technology, including how doctors interact with their patients, a survey commissioned by the Canadian Medical Association suggests.

Nearly all tech leaders in Canada have made a bad hire

Skills-based and Interpersonal issues cumulatively account for more than half of hiring mistakes 44 per cent of technology leaders say technical skills are the hardest thing to assess in an interview
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Storage & Server Systems Connectors at Mouser.

Amphenol Cool Edge® Series of high-speed signal and power hybrid card-edge connectors have balanced signal integrity characteristics, including very low loss and crosstalk with data rates of 25-28Gbps or up to 56Gbps (PAM4). Additionally, the Cool Edge series supports data speed from 6Gbps to 25Gbps per differential pair, and the connectors can be all power, all signal or hybrid. The 0.8 pitch high-speed signal and power hybrid card-edge connectors can carry 25Gbps Ethernet and 16Gbos PCIe, and single and signal altogether. The series also supports 85Ω/92Ω/100Ω platforms. >> Learn more

Jannatec Technologies takes wearables underground

EP&T took the opportunity to pose a few questions to Wayne Ablitt, president of Sudbury Ontario-based Jannatec Technologies on its Smart Helmet - a wearable innovation to aid the mining industry. » Read More

Coaxial cable stripping machine boosts performance 20%

SCHLEUNIGER CoaxStrip 6580 coaxial cable stripping machine provides powerful drives that deliver a performance increase of 20% and an increased cutting blade lifespan. » Learn more

High thermal, semi-sintering die attach paste overcomes process challenges

HENKEL Loctite Ablestik ABP 8068T series of die attach materials includes high thermal, semi-sintering die attach pastes that provide simplified processing and best-in-class thermal and electrical performance » Learn more

Plug & play connector permits 360-degree mating ‘freedom’

FISCHER CONNECTORS Freedom Series LP360 plug & use connectivity technology requires no key code, allowing for 360-degree mating ‘freedom’. » Learn more

Filtered power entry module extends mounting options

SCHURTER DD12 power entry module series comes with screw and snap mounting options. » Learn more

EPTECH Winnipeg

September 18
Location: Victoria Inn and Convention Centre
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EPTECH Mississauga

October 2
Location: Mississauga Convention Centre
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EPTECH Waterloo

October 4
Location: Bingemans Conference Centre
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