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October 29, 2018
Embedded Systems News 

Gartner picks top 10 tech trends for 2019

The edge refers to endpoint devices used by people or embedded in the world around us. Edge computing describes a computing topology in which information processing, and content collection and delivery, are placed closer to these endpoints.

IRYStec selected among top innovators

Providing Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) embedded software solutions, IRYStec enables consumer device and automotive OEMs to significantly improve their display device viewing experience, improved perceived visibility, reduced eye strain, reduced power consumed and cost.

Dev board simplifies deployment of IoT devices

Microchip’s AVR MCU development board for Google Cloud enables developers to easily deploy IoT devices to Google Cloud IoT Core’s artificial intelligence and machine learning infrastructure
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A faster way to connect

Phoenix Contact now offers M12 connectors with a push-pull, fast-locking system. The IP67-rated connectors latch into place quickly and secure with a single click. If the connector is not correctly latched, it springs back. This gives the installer clear feedback about whether or not the connection is secure. The fast-locking system is available for both assembly and device connections. Cross-manufacturer connection and compatibility ensures worldwide availability and makes it easy to extend existing cabling concepts. >> Read More
Embedded Systems Feature 
Featured Article

The future of AI and the embedded system

Embedded systems help AI programs to interact with the physical world around them, serving as an important part of preparing for or developing new innovations » Read More
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Opto 22

Opto 22’s groov EPIC is a groundbreaking new industrial system that addresses the needs of automation engineers and developers solving challenging automation and industrial internet of things (IIoT) problems in today’s fast-moving, data-centric environment. The systems combines I/O, control, data processing, and visualization into one secure, maintainable, edge-of-network industrial system. Top features includes an industrial modular intelligent I/O, real-time Linux-based automation controller, a gateway in a single stainless-steel chassis, and many more. >> Read More
Embedded Systems Products 

Starter kit speeds advanced embedded vision design

AVNET UltraZed-EV Starter Kit provides designers with the core tools necessary to shape the future of advanced embedded vision design. » Read More

Military grade 5U rack mounted HPC computer system is rugged

CHASSIS PLANS HPC M5U-22 High Performance Computer (HPC) is based on a ruggedized 5U enclosure that is designed to meet the environmental requirements for a wide range of ground, vehicle, shipboard and aircraft installations. » Read More

Embedded software specialists’ tool streamlines prototyping

BYTESNAP DESIGN SnapUI development tool that runs on the QNX platform. The lightweight user interface development tool streamlines the UI (user interface) prototyping and building process » Read More

IoT development kit speeds prototyping, design deployment

Kits are now available as an IoT cloud ready board that allows developers to quickly prototype and deploy their IoT ecosystems. » Read More

electronica 2018

November 13 - 16
Location: Munich Germany
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Innovation Summit

November 13
Location: Microsoft Vancouver
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2018 IEEE International

December 1 - 5
Location: Hilton San Francisco Union Square
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