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ept.caNovember 5, 2019


Strip Wire and Jacketed Cables with Ease

The UniStrip 2300 stripping machine strips a wide variety of wires and jacketed cables. It’s fully programmable and doesn’t require any mechanical adjustments when processing different wire sizes and types. The first in its class, this innovative machine combines precision mechanics, short cycle times, and user-friendliness for increased productivity.

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Advanced Interconnections

Automate Pin Loading with Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers

Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers, from Advanced Interconnections Corp., offer ultimate design flexibility and a simple, economical method for automated pin and socket loading. Standard and customer-specific designs feature screw-machined terminals for superior reliability. Build-A-Part number online, watch a video to learn more, or order free samples at

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Fujipoly®’s Molded Sarcon® TIM Cases

Fujipoly® offers an assortment of standard as well as custom size molded Sarcon® Cases. The thermally conductive, box-shaped components are open on one end to facilitate fast and easy installation over transistors and other heat generating components. Once installed, Fujipoly®’s unique thermally conductive silicone-based materials efficiently remove excess heat to the surrounding environment or nearby heatsinks.

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