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Super Spotlight
Brought to you by EPTECH
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EPTECH shows return for 2024

Toronto is first of six Canadian cities to host popular table-top trade event for electronics industry

BlackBerry and AMD to collaborate on new robotic systems tech

BlackBerry Ltd. has announced a deal to work with chipmaker AMD on new robotic systems technology - combines BlackBerry’s software with AMD’s computer hardware.

CMC Microsystems and ventureLAB sign MOU in support of semiconductor growth in Canada

Under the agreement, the organizations will support each other’s complementary programs to evolve the advanced technology ecosystem in Canada

U.S. Feds inject $6.6B to ensure leading-edge microchips are built at home

The Biden administration has pledged to provide up to $6.6 billion so that a Taiwanese semiconductor giant can expand the facilities it is already building in Arizona

Sponsored Spotlight 

High Power Edge Connector

Oupiin’s new 9305 Series Card Edge Connectors provide 12 power plus 14 signal connections in right-angle or straight versions.

Current Rating
  • Signal Pin 3.0 A(UL)
  • Power Pin 55 A(UL)
Insulator Resistance
  • Signal Pin 500MΩ min. at DC 500V
  • Power Pin 5000MΩ min. at DC 500V
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
  • Signal Pin DC 500V
  • Power Pin DC 1000V
Contact Resistance
  • Signal Pin 25mΩ max
  • Power Pin 0.6mΩ max

Presented by Irwin Industrial, an authorized distributor of Oupiin.
» See more, including full specifications here

Semiconductors and AI intersect

Raymond Chik details key challenges and opportunities to be aware of » Read More...

Narrow body RF edge launch connectors are 33% smaller

SAMTEC RF edge launch connectors are designed with a narrow body design that is 33% smaller than traditional edge launch connectors. » Read More...


Integrated AMR replaces reed switches, hall effect sensors

TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR TSHA2101 fully integrated Anisotropic Magneto Resistance (AMR) sensor replaces reed switches and hall effect sensors in industrial applications. » Read More...


GaN driver IC drives LV, MV and HV e-mode GaN HEMTs

INNOSCIENCE TECHNOLOGY INS1001DE GaN driver IC is designed to drive single-channel GaN HEMTs in either low-side, high-side, or secondary-side SR applications. » Read More...


SIM card level translator protects from ESD

HMI HL5301WL01 SIM card level translator delivers level shifting and IEC610004-2 electrostatic charge protection for SIM card ports. » Read More...


EPTECH Toronto

Sheraton Parkway Toronto North from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free parking & attendance » Read More...