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Ottawa radio transition pushed back

The long-awaited transition to a new radio system won't happen for police and firefighters until later in 2017 as the city continues to work out the bugs. Pierre Poirier, manager of security and emergency management, confirmed Monday that the Ottawa Fire Services and Ottawa Police Service are now scheduled to migrate to the new Bell system in the third quarter.

Fort McMurray wildfire cost pegged at $9.5 billion

A study says the total costs of the Fort McMurray fire is $9.5 billion. MacEwan University economics professor Rafat Alam says the total could increase when costs such as mental and physical health costs are considered. The figure combines the cost of destroyed buildings and infrastructure with lost income and profits.

Damaged hoses prompt reminder to motorists

Fredericton Fire officials are reminding motorists driving over fire hoses is illegal in New Brunswick after two lines were damaged Tuesday, causing unexpected delays for crews battling a blaze.
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Why Does FDM Mobile CAD Run from Records?

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Laura King

Editor’s blog

It’s complicated, this two-hatter issue. But the gist of it is this: an American-based trade union is denying its members the freedom that other Canadians have to work and do what they want in their spare time. » Read more...
Front seat

Front seat

It was probably five years into Jason Clark’s firefighting days when he showed up to the station for a call and was one of the senior firefighters present: there were no red helmets and no whites to be found yet, just a bunch of yellow-helmet firefighters looking to go on a call and get the job done. Someone had to ride up front with the driver. As Clark writes in his Front seat column in the January issue of Canadian Firefighter, the hot seat, as it is so often referred to, was the last one to get filled. So Clark thought, “I can work a radio and I can read a map, so how hard can it be to run a truck?” So he jumped in. » Read more...
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