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Becoming a firefighter: Choose the right school

Kory Pearn, author of The Complete Guide to Becoming a Firefighter, shares some tips on selecting the right fire fighting school. From figuring out your goals to how to work around your financial situation, Pearn covers it all.

NFPA releases stats on Canadian departments

The National Fire Protection Association released profiles on Canadian fire departments. The report includes statistics from 2014 to 2016 on the departments and firefighters as well as information on the numbers of fire stations, pumps, ladders and more that each department has access to.

Trainer's Corner: A challenging drill that's fun

Fire Chief and training officer Ed Brouwer revisits a training drill that is simple to set up, yet challenging enough to keep your members interested.

Protocol and proper dress

Canadian honours and decorations are often the most puzzling, and deliberated, aspect of a firefighter’s dress uniform. Firefighter Kirk Hughes shares advice to help navigate the rules and regulations around medals, honours and awards, protocol and proper dress within the industry.
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up. An in-cab toggle switch allows the operator to override
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Featured News 

MSA debuts Jet-Style Fire Helmet

Pittsburgh company MSA introduced its new jet-style fire helmet called the Cairns XF1. The Cairns XF1 represents a significant style departure from the "brim-style" helmet traditionally preferred by firefighters. » Read more...

Firefighters threaten to resign over chief's termination

As many as 10,000 residents and cottagers on the southeastern shores of Lake Winnipeg could be without first responders if the Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach doesn't reinstate dismissed fire chief Brad Patzer.

Grandfathering supports new safety regulations

New Ontario regulations on mandatory training and certification were announced in May that will be coming into effect over the next two years. The new legislation mandates the certification of firefighters, community risk assessments to inform the delivery of fire protection services and public reporting on fire departments response times. » Read more...

Becoming a firefighter: Things to consider before choosing a firefighting career

Kory Pearn, author of The Complete Guide to Becoming a Firefighter, shares some tips on things to consider before choosing a career in firefighting. From planning your future, teamwork within a department, fire fighting programs and more. » Read more...

Take a look at the largest First Nation fire department in Canada

Ontario is home to the largest First Nations fire department in Canada. Fire Chief Matthew Miller, along with the rest of his department, have worked hard to bring the service up to snuff. Check out how this department is making great strides in its community. » Read more...

Majority of Inwood firefighters tender resignations

The mayor of Brooke-Alvinston, Ont., assured Inwood residents that there’ll be no gap in service following the mass resignation of the majority of the 20-member volunteer fire department. » Read more...

FFAO Convention

July 30-August 3
Location: Grand Valley, Ont.
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IAFF Convention

August 6-10, 2018
Location: Seattle, Wash.
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CAFC Fire-Rescue Canada

September 16-19
Location: Ottawa, Ont.
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