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December 3, 2019

Detecting power line problems could help prevent wildfires

A professor at Texas A&M University designed a new tool that helps detect power line problems. This same tool may help prevent wildfires.

Sarnia, Ont., firefighter contract settled through arbitration

The City of Sarnia and the Sarnia Professional Firefighters Association (SPFFA)’s three-year contract dispute ended with an interest arbitration award.

String of suspicious fires has community on edge

A rash of suspicious fires in Cap-Pelé, N.B., has the small seaside community on edge. The latest target was the Bel Air takeout restaurant, which was destroyed by an early morning fire last Wednesday.
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From the editor

From the editor: Cells’ silent stalker

Cancer is a terrifying prospect beyond its lethality — its unpredictable path and penchant for wreaking havoc on our cells quietly before it spreads itself at an often too late to abate rate, make it a particularly frightening diagnosis. Cancer is so six degrees of separation that we can all tell a story of someone whose cancer was given a great prognosis and they died. We can also all tell a story of someone whose cancer outlook was given the direst of straits and they lived. Some of you are cancer survivors. Cancer is a high-profile disease inflicting and killing firefighters at a higher rate than the general public. » Read more...

Volunteer Vision: Positivity is contagious

Wearing a uniform, a fire department t-shirt or driving a marked fire vehicle can sometimes make you feel like a target. Rest assured you’re being watched and you’re getting noticed. In a small town, you don’t even have to be in uniform because everyone knows who you are and what you do. Do you feel the pressure yet? Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy shares why it’s so important to present a positive outlook in your life. » Read more...
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Facility Fire Brigades, 2nd Edition

The manual will assist management and safety professionals in commercial and industrial occupancies with compliance to applicable laws and regulations regarding training and management of fire brigades. The manual is the perfect foundation for any fire brigade training program in any facility. Trainees and instructors will find benefit in using the 144 skill sheets to meet the JPR’s specified by the standard.

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Weekend blaze destroys Alberta slaughterhouse

A fire that started on Sunday evening completely destroyed a slaughterhouse in Ponoka. Officials say the fire started at around 8:55 p.m. at the Family Meats Ltd. on 49 Street in the central Alberta town. » Learn more

Overnight fire rips through abandoned building in Hamilton

Investigators say one person is in custody after an overnight fire ripped through an abandoned building in east Hamilton on Monday. » Learn more

Firefighter in hospital after being pricked by needle

A Vancouver firefighter was sent to a hospital, after he was poked by a needle as he fought a fire, likely caused by squatters, late Saturday night. » Learn more
Fire Fighting This Week

Mental health moves into the mainstream

Many in the fire service will remember a time when it didn’t feel right to openly discuss a call you were struggling with. Today, organic conversations around how firefighters feel are starting to flow. Toronto’s Fire Chief Matthew Pegg discusses the fading stigma of mental illness with host Tom DeSorcy, the fire chief in Hope, B.C. Pegg and DeSorcy discuss the impact of media coverage in the aftermath of tragedy and the growth in open conversation around occupational injury and stress. What’s the next step for the fire service and mental health? Keep the topic top of mind. Listen now to keep the conversation going. » Listen now

Lambton County Firefighters’ Fire Trade Show

Jan. 25, 2020
Location: Point Edward, Ont.
» Learn more

Hicks Morley Labour Relations Seminar

Jan. 29-30, 2020
Location: Toronto, Ont.
» Learn more

Firehouse World 2020

Feb. 24-27. 2020
Location: Las Vegas, Nev.
» Learn more