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Dry spring can create wildfire trouble for western Canada, experts say

Wildfire conditions are cause for concern this year as parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia report either significant drought or record low rainfall between January and April, experts say. However, the severity of the wildfire season will depend on what kind of weather the next few months will bring, they say. Goldstream News Gazette reports.

Edmonton Fire to launch training camp aimed at recruiting more female firefighters

In an effort to add more diversity to Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, the fire department is launching a new training camp. The aim is to introduce more women and gender-diverse communities to the service in a safe and inclusive atmosphere and inspire them to join. Global News reports.

Ontario restricts access to Kenora-area roads due to extreme forest fire activity

The province of Ontario restricted access to some roads near Kenora due to extreme forest fire activity in the area. Two large forest fires burned near Willow Lake, about 30 kilometres east of the city. CBC News reports.

CityReporter for Fire Prevention Inspections

CityReporter was developed with input from fire chiefs in towns and cities across North America. It contains a library of fire inspection checklists based on the national fire code. This allows fire prevention officers to get started with inspections immediately after installing your properties in the software.

"My days are so much more productive. I don’t know about the cost savings of using less paper, but it makes my life a heck of a lot easier. You can’t put a price tag on that. I wish they had technology like this years ago.” Jim McBride, Director of Protective Services

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StopBad: The truth about bad apples

Over the years, I have met a lot of great people, and I have made many lifelong friends in the fire service. On the other hand, I am embarrassed by the very few bad apples that are out there. There have been a number of stories about firefighters, including chief officers, behaving inappropriately. I, like many others, strongly believe that good leadership is vital to a healthy organization. If leaders are behaving poorly or allowing poor behaviour from their firefighters, the negative effects ripple through the entire organization. By Gord Schreiner. » Read more...

Leadership Forum: Leadership presence

Oftentimes, leadership presence isn’t about giving orders, taking command, providing direction or even making decisions. Rather, leadership presence is often about choosing to stand alongside and in front of our teams in the face of conflict, adversity, challenge and even danger at times, rather than choosing to leave those functions to others to manage in our absence. Effective leadership presence is unmistakable when it exists – and undeniably absent when it is missing. By Matthew Pegg. » Read more...

Find Fires. And Firefighters.

The future of firefighting fits in your hand. Introducing LUNAR – a hand-held, wireless device, offering enhanced vision, improved situational awareness, and accountability for everyone on scene by combining thermal imaging, search and rescue technology, and cloud connectivity. LUNAR is part of the revolutionary MSA Connected Firefighter Platform, working to help keep you safe, connected and accounted for, even in the most dangerous situations. Enable a level of accountability never before achieved in the fire service. » Learn more

Crews knock down fire at Toronto homeless encampment

Officials say that crews knocked down a fire at a Toronto homeless encampment early Sunday morning. The authorities were called around 5 a.m. after receiving reports of “screaming, explosions and a fire involving three tents and one wooden structure” at Lamport Stadium on King Street West. CTV News reports. » Learn more

Nelson Street home in Thunder Bay suffers significant damage in fire

Ontario’s Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, in a release, said they arrived around 9 p.m. to find heavy smoke and flame pouring from the home and the occupants being evacuated. No one was hurt, but damage to a Nelson Street home’s roof was extensive after a chimney fire broke out on Sunday night. TB News Watch reports. » Learn more

Fire destroys building, threatens SkyTrain station in downtown New Westminster

An early-morning fire has destroyed a commercial building beside a SkyTrain station in downtown New Westminster in British Columbia. Firefighters called at 3:16 a.m. Monday arrived to find the building in the 400-block of Columbia Street full of “pressurized’ smoke, and beat a partial retreat before the roof collapsed. CBC News reports. » Learn more

FDIC International

Aug. 2 - 7, 2021
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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