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Twenty years later, Canadians reflect on their efforts after the 9/11 attacks

Sifting through dozens of photos taken that month nearly two decades ago, Calgary firefighter Mark Turik shared memories from his time in New York City four months after the September 11 terrorist attack, when firefighters were still searching for the remains of fallen colleagues and civilians unable to escape the wreckage.

St. Albert hires new fire chief

The City of St. Albert has hired a new fire chief following months of leadership turbulence stemming from allegations of COVID-19 vaccine queue jumping. In a news release Wednesday, the City of St. Albert announced Everett Cooke will take on the role of Director of Emergency Services, which oversees the city’s fire services and municipal enforcement services teams. The Edmonton Journal reports.

Champlain council makes single fire department and chief’s appointment official

Champlain Township’s newly unified fire department is now official, and there is officially a chief to lead the department. The Review reports.

How a stay-at-home mom became a London firefighter. And loved it

A trailblazing female London firefighter has hung up her gear for good after almost 30 years on the frontlines of fire suppression. The London Free Press reports.

Starfield LION Comfort, Safety, Mobility, INNOVATION.

Starfield LION has a legacy and ongoing history of introducing new products and services which are always designed to ensure the health, safety and performance of the first responders who serve our communities and our country. Starfield LION’s game-changing PPE innovations are designed to best prepare firefighters, EMS teams and law enforcement officers for the dangers and hazards they face each day. For decades, Starfield LION has been the industry leader in the fight against firefighter stress by incorporating innovative design features and materials to deliver the most natural, least restrictive movement possible.

From bunker gear, to helmets and gloves, Starfield LION offers a full line of PPE solutions to fit your department’s needs. As we continue to develop new and enhance existing PPE products and services, our primary goal remains the same: To keep you safe and always.... » Learn more

The Roof Hook

The roof hook is also known to many as the New York hook. The roof hook was invented by Hugh Halligan. Halligan also invented the halligan tool, and due to its overwhelming success, it seems to have overshadowed the roof hook. Throughout the United States, the roof hook is in many fire departments in a large capacity and yet in Canada we seem to have not adopted this amazingly effective tool. By Nathan Pocock » Read more...

Heat signatures can be masked

When looking through the lens of a thermal imager (TI), what is it that you are looking at? We know the basic TI’s shades are white (objects are hot or warm) black (objects are cold or cooler) and everything else is different shades of gray. By Manfred Kihn » Read more...
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Stay Connected. Stay Protected.

Compatibility across gear enhances firefighter safety on the fireground, and the newest technology from MSA enables firefighter gear to become increasingly connected and work together. Built on a software-based platform, the MSA G1 features compatibility with the all-new LUNAR™ Connected Device, to help keep your team connected when it matters most. It’s a hand-held, wireless device, offering enhanced vision, improved situational awareness, and accountability for everyone on scene by combining thermal imaging, search and rescue technology, and cloud connectivity.
» Learn more

Trainer’s Corner: Teaching not only what went right, but what went wrong

In this edition of Trainer’s Corner, I’d like to share an exercise that may prove valuable for you and your crew. For this exercise, you will need a roof ladder with adjustable hooks (a picture of one will do if you don’t have access to one), a flip board (or large pieces of paper), a marker, paper and pens or pencils for each member. By Ed Brouwer » Learn more

Volunteer Vision: Building unburnable bridges

The other day, I heard someone say “don’t burn your bridges,” a phrase that at first conjures up what I consider to be obvious. You shouldn’t destroy the path you used to get to where you’re going, as you may need to use it again to get back to where you came from. This is a common metaphor often referred to if someone, for example, quits a job and bad mouths their organization on the way out the door. Chances are you’re going to run into those folks again somewhere down the road and the bridge will be gone. By Tom DeSorcy » Learn more

Fire Prevention Week – Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety

Laura King, the NFPA’s public education representative for Canada, joins host Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy for a conversation about this year’s Fire Prevention Week. Running Oct. 3-9, this year’s Fire Prevention Week is called Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety and focuses on teaching the public about what the sounds made by smoke and carbon monoxide alarms means. King and DeSorcy talk about the importance of public education, NFPA’s calls-to-action and goals, as well as how the organization is working towards making Fire Prevention Week more accessible through virtual events and translations. » Listen now

CAFC Fire Rescue Canada 2021

September 13-14, 2021
Location: Virtual
» Learn more

OAFC Learning Series: Human Trafficking 101

September 14, 2021 Location: Virtual » Learn more

Firehouse Expo

September 14-18, 2021 Location: Columbus, OH » Learn more

OAFC 2021 Virtual Conference and Trade Show

September 21-23, 2021
Location: Virtual
» Learn more