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False alarm calls put strain on Cambridge Fire Department

There have been 543 calls that turned out to be false alarms at multi-unit residential buildings and businesses in Cambridge, Ont. so far this year. That works out to an average of two a day. CTV News reports.

Town of Oakville appoints Andrew Boys as deputy fire chief of training and emergency management

Andrew Boys has been appointed deputy fire chief of training and emergency management for the Oakville Fire department. He began his new role on Thursday, Sept. 30. Oakville.ca reports.

Monte Creek fire hall proposal may go to referendum

The chair of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District will recommend a satellite fire hall proposed for Monte Creek, B.C. goes to referendum, following an information session with residents earlier this week. Kamloops This Week reports.

Firefighters pitch in to bring faster medical response to Brock

Residents can expect an improvement to medical response delays in Brock, Ont., thanks to a new agreement. Earlier this summer the township and region finalized a tiered response agreement that authorized the Brock Fire Department to respond to additional medical calls in instances where EMS would take more than 15 minutes to arrive. Brock Citizen reports.
Breton SmarTek

3 Ways to Respond to an Emergency with FireQ

  1. Via Text Message
  2. Via Phone Call
  3. Directly from FireQ App

Did you know that there are two types of text messages? An email-to-text message is created and sent like an email, but it is received as a text message. Delivery relies on inter-connected servers which can slow delivery and there is no way to track if a message has been successfully delivered. A true-type text message (also known as SMS) is a message sent from one cellular phone number to another. True-type texts have a higher priority than email for transmission which ensures more reliable delivery. Text messages also provide delivery reporting.
FireQ provides true-type text messages because giving firefighters more options is important. Each FireQ system has a dedicated and unique telephone number that makes it possible to respond to both the text and the phone call. >> Learn more

Heat signatures can be masked

When looking through the lens of a thermal imager (TI), what is it that you are looking at? We know the basic TI’s shades are white (objects are hot or warm) black (objects are cold or cooler) and everything else is different shades of gray. But that was not the question. The question was, “what is it that you are looking at?” By Manfred Kihn » Read more...

The Roof Hook

The roof hook is also known to many as the New York hook. The roof hook was invented by Hugh Halligan. Halligan also invented the halligan tool, and due to its overwhelming success, it seems to have overshadowed the roof hook. Throughout the United States, the roof hook is in many fire departments in a large capacity and yet in Canada we seem to have not adopted this amazingly effective tool. By Nathan Pocock » Read more...

A New Publication from IFSTA/FPP

This first edition of Fire Protection Publications' Introduction to Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response defines how to establish an ASHER training program on the local level, how to conduct threat assessment of your community, how to coordinate response with other responders and how to recover from an ASHE. Ours is the only fire service training manual available on this topic.

This manual addresses NFPA 3000, Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program. >> Order your copy today

NFPA Impact: A fire chief’s role in sprinkler education

I am a recently retired deputy chief from Ottawa, and before Shayne Mintz, I was the NFPA Canadian regional director. In retirement, I became chair of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) in Canada to help chief fire officials understand what they can do to encourage home buyers, builders, and municipal leaders to embrace residential fire sprinklers. Those who understand the benefits of home fire sprinklers need to shed greater light on these essential life-saving systems to prevent injuries, fatalities, and property loss. By Sean Tracey » Learn more

Back to Basics: Ladder dating and the single firefighter high shoulder ladder throw

When we have fewer hands to help, we must find ways to be effective and efficient with limited manpower – this may mean that we have to work by ourselves for certain tasks to be accomplished. The idea of single firefighter assignments or tasks may go against the grain of what we have been taught for numerous years; to always work in pairs (at a minimum), but it can sometimes be a reality. By Mark van der Feyst » Learn more

Fire Prevention Week – Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety

Laura King, the NFPA’s public education representative for Canada, joins host Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy for a conversation about this year’s Fire Prevention Week. Running Oct. 3-9, this year’s Fire Prevention Week is called Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety and focuses on teaching the public about what the sounds made by smoke and carbon monoxide alarms means. King and DeSorcy talk about the importance of public education, NFPA’s calls-to-action and goals, as well as how the organization is working towards making Fire Prevention Week more accessible through virtual events and translations. » Listen now