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Halloween fire costs plunge in Vancouver in first year of firework ban

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services says the city saw a massive plunge in costs associated with the use of fireworks this Halloween, the first year the city’s ban on the sale and use of consumer fireworks was in effect.

Almaguin fire departments benefiting from Firefighters Without Borders program

In Ontario, fire departments in the Almaguin Highlands and surrounding regions have been big beneficiaries from the organization Firefighters Without Borders.

Fire at University of Windsor building causes $100,000 in damage

On Monday, an early morning fire at the University of Windsor’s Essex Hall in Ontario forced the building’s closure for roughly two hours.

Calgary firefighters battle multiple fires caused by fireworks

Fire crews in Calgary responded to multiple grass and brush fires around the city Thursday, with many caused by fireworks.

Moving SCBA Out of the Crew Cab?

Two new SCBA brackets from ZICO can help you reduce firefighter exposure to harmful chemicals and carcinogens WITHOUT sacrificing speed, comfort, and efficiency on the fire scene. The QUIC-SWING Flip-Down 180° stores SCBA away from the door to minimize snagging of straps and hoses then, when needed, flips end over end for easy access. The QUIC-SLIDE Swing-Down allows donning from two different heights to provide more comfort and flexibility to a wider range of personnel. >> Learn more

Gauging the threat of wildfire-spreading embers

As wildfire fronts advance through landscapes or communities on the ground, they also attack from above, launching volleys of glowing embers into the air. Also known as firebrands, these specks of burning debris can glide for up to 40 kilometers (approximately 24 miles) before landing and can cause up to 90 per cent of home and business fires during wildfires. By Jonathan Griffin. » Read more...

Building and fire codes: 2020 and 2025

Many roads are paved with good intentions. We see this in the country’s building and fire code development process. The process has many positive attributes. However, these same attributes can also translate into unintended challenges. In this article, I look at a few of them as we anticipate the release of the 2020 codes and the next one in 2025. By Tina Saryeddine » Read more...

Drawn by Fire 2022 Calendar

by Paul Combs

Always a favourite, 25-year veteran firefighter and award-winning illustrator Paul Combs has created a new wall calendar for 2022.

Combs sees and captures moments that help us all take a good look at ourselves and learn from. He does it as no one else can—with humor, irreverence, respect, insight, compassion, and the skills of an award-winning illustrator. His lavishly detailed illustrations are published worldwide in newspapers, magazines (print and online), and books.

>> Order your copy today while supplies last.

Back to Basics: Ladder Dating — Getting on and off the ladder

Last edition we looked at working on the ground ladder and some of the other options that are available to use in place of the traditional leg lock. For this article, we are going to focus on getting on and off the ladder. Our study so far has been with the ground ladder, but we are going to include the aerial ladder in our topic this time as it’s very applicable to both. By Mark van der Feyst » Learn more

Body language

Has this happened in your department? You think you’ve hired the right person and they turn out not to be a good fit. Is it something that could’ve been avoided, you wonder, and if so, what did you miss and at what point? Resumes were submitted, entrance exams passed, fitness requirements met — all the boxes were checked. Even the interview had its checklist of ideal points to be covered by the candidates in response to the carefully curated behavioural questions. By Jennifer Grigg » Learn more

In conversation with Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president

Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy hosts Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president and executive director and fire chief for Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. Stuebing, who helms a metro composite department, the backstory of his IAFC appointment, the important role of Canada in the IAFC, and staffing, succession planning and other challenges shared by colleagues around the world as we move through the pandemic. » Listen now

FSWO 2021 Virtual Training Symposium

October 31 – November 19 Location: Virtual » Learn more