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British Columbians brace for more extreme weather, possible flooding on north coast

After an atmospheric river system caused extreme flooding and mudslides in southern British Columbia last week, government agencies are warning people to brace themselves for extreme weather that could cause chaos in other parts of the province Monday.

Central Manitoulin fire department struggling due to driving test backlog

In Ontario, the Municipality of Central Manitoulin’s fire department is currently stretched thin. There are plenty of people signed up as volunteer firefighters, but out of a roster of 38, only 12 are licensed to drive the fire trucks.

Calgary fire crews battle two-alarm blaze

Two homes have been severely damaged after an early morning fire on Sunday in Calgary, Alta.’s southwest.

Quebec City officials looking for information after fatal fire

Quebec City police (SPVQ) has set up a command post to gather information about an arson attack that killed a man and seriously injured a woman on Nov. 11.
Fort Garry

Stay Connected. Stay Protected.

Compatibility across gear enhances firefighter safety on the fireground, and the newest technology from MSA enables firefighter gear to become increasingly connected and work together. Built on a software-based platform, the MSA G1 features compatibility with the all-new LUNAR™ Connected Device, to help keep your team connected when it matters most. It's a hand-held, wireless device, offering enhanced vision, improved situational awareness, and accountability for everyone on scene by combining thermal imaging, search and rescue technology, and cloud connectivity. >> Learn more

Well Being: Vitamin D — a second look at the science

Have you ever asked your medical doctor to run a 25 hydroxy vitamin D blood panel? I highly recommend you do as the science on vitamin D3 and health is very convincing. Everyone should be taking vitamin D3, but there is a “however.” Before you self-prescribe vitamin D3 you should continue reading. Here is a quick lesson, vitamin D and vitamin D3 is the same, we all talk about taking vitamin D, but a quick trip to your local health food store you find out the vitamin D supplement you are looking for is called vitamin D3, the active form that your body needs. These terms are interchangeable. The vitamin D blood test you want your medical doctor to run is called the 23 hydroxy vitamin D or 25 vitamin D for short. In this article when we talk about vitamin D and vitamin D3 we are talking about the same thing. By Dr. Elias Markou » Read more...

Branding for the modern fire service

The life cycle of a fire department is one marked with benchmarks, such as anniversaries, and the people that make them up change over time. The vehicles, training and tools need to adapt and grow to remain viable and relevant as benchmarks go by. These events make up the history of the department, which in turn forms the “culture” or the “soul” of a service. As the makeup of a department is altered, a new sense of ownership is created. It is made up of the traditions of the past, the entrusted legacy of those that came before, and the reputation that was built through adversity and triumph. Since change is inevitable, modernization should be anticipated and embraced. When a fire department moves towards the future, it has a lot of transitional components in play, from leadership movement, acceptance of new technology and forming a new sense of self-identity. By Kirk Hughes » Read more...
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NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, 2022 Edition

Expanded and updated for 2022, NFPA 72, reflects the latest technologies, applications, and research on the use and installation of fire alarm and emergency communications systems. In a major change to scope, NFPA 72 now addresses cybersecurity with criteria and guidance on the protection of fire alarm and signaling systems against cyberattacks.

A must-have resource for everyone involved with fire alarm design, installation, inspection, and maintenance.

>> To help ensure compliance with the most up-to-date guidelines in the field, order your copy today.

Thermal Imaging: FAQS

In this edition’s article, I would like to focus on how much you do or don’t know about thermal imaging (TI). Even though fire service thermal imaging has been around since the early 1990s, there is still a lack of knowledge and education on this subject and its uses. Let’s delve into this subject with some questions and answers to challenge your knowledge. By Manfred Kihn » Learn more

Volunteer Vision: When preparation meets opportunity

How many times have you responded to a call and after a successful fire fighting operation have someone comment about how lucky the crew was to save the building or stop the fire when you did. These people would go on to further comment on what the negative outcomes may have been had your crew not been lucky to respond to the emergency when you did and take actions the way we do. In making complimentary conversation, they attempt to lift our spirits and acknowledge good work in their own way. They say we were lucky. By Vince MacKenzie » Learn more

In conversation with Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president

Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy hosts Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president and executive director and fire chief for Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. Stuebing, who helms a metro composite department, the backstory of his IAFC appointment, the important role of Canada in the IAFC, and staffing, succession planning and other challenges shared by colleagues around the world as we move through the pandemic. » Listen now