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Regina council approves first ever official Fire Master Plan

After two years of development, city council has approved Regina Fire and Protective Services’ (RFPS) first official Fire Master Plan (FMP).

Thinning and pile burning near Kokanee Road part of City’s FireSmart efforts

In B.C., a new project to manage fuels in the area of Kokanee Road and Sunset Properties will add to the City of Vernon’s FireSmart program plans.

Ontario launches its first mobile live fire training unit

Ontario launched the first of two new mobile live fire training units today. The new mobile training units are part of the province’s plan to expand and modernize access to fire fighting training.

Canada’s ‘coolest’ fire truck debuts at Newmarket’s outdoor ice rink this season

Central York Fire Services (CYFS) and the Town of Newmarket, Ont., are excited to unveil the newest apparatus in the fire fleet – Z429 – a Zamboni, wrapped as a fire truck. The machine will be stationed at the outdoor rink at Riverwalk Commons to clear the ice all winter long.

New Consolidated Standard: NFPA 1140 Standard for Wildland Fire Protection

This new and updated standard is a consolidation of the four previous documents and serves as a single wildland fire safety standard in an effort to increase usability, reduce errors and conflicts, and produce a greater quality standard.

Use the 2022 edition of NFPA 1140, Standard for Wildland Fire Protection, to stay up to date with the latest NFPA® Emergency Response and Responder Safety (ERRS) requirements and help keep communities safe.

>> Order your copy of NFPA 1140 today

StopBad: Hockey and fire teams

Like many kids who grew up in Canada, hockey was a big part of my life. I started playing at five years old and played for almost 50 years. When I joined the fire service I started to compare the many similarities between a hockey team and a fire service team. There is so much in common, from team work, pride, hard work, and fun, to the desire to become a better team. Hockey Night in Canada is part of our culture and so is fire practice night in many small to mid-size towns. By Gord Schreiner » Read more...

Leadership Forum: Noise versus performance

Coming out of high school, I went to work as an apprentice mechanic at Gary’s Service and Towing in Keswick, Ont. This was also the home of both P&P Performance and Custom Engine Service. It was while working here that I would also begin my career as a volunteer firefighter, opening the door to my career in the fire service shortly after earning my mechanic’s licences. By Matt Pegg » Read more...

Thermal imaging and volunteers

The volunteer sector makes up the majority of firefighterin North America. Many volunteer firefighters receive no remuneration while others receive a small stipend for the number of hours they put in. Some volunteer fire departments train once a week, some bi-weekly and some only train once a month (only 12 times a year, if the firefighters makes all 12 training sessions taking into consideration work, vacation, sickness, and family matters). By Manfred Kihn » Learn more

The Roof Hook

The roof hook is also known to many as the New York hook. The roof hook was invented by Hugh Halligan. Halligan also invented the halligan tool, and due to its overwhelming success, it seems to have overshadowed the roof hook. Throughout the United States, the roof hook is in many fire departments in a large capacity and yet in Canada we seem to have not adopted this amazingly effective tool. By Nathan Pocock » Learn more

In conversation with Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president

Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy hosts Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president and executive director and fire chief for Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. Stuebing, who helms a metro composite department, the backstory of his IAFC appointment, the important role of Canada in the IAFC, and staffing, succession planning and other challenges shared by colleagues around the world as we move through the pandemic. » Listen now

Lambton County Fire Trade Show

January 29 Location: Sarnia, Ont. » Learn more