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Firefighters’ union warns of cuts, hiring deferrals in Vancouver’s 2022 budget

The union representing Vancouver firefighters is slamming the city’s 2022 budget for what it calls significant cuts to the city’s fire and rescue services. The Vancouver Fire Fighters’ Union Local 18 says funding allocated to the fire department next year would result in the loss of five firefighters.

Saskatoon fire chief says it’s time for 911 dispatch system that can accept emergency texts, photos

The Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD) wants to make a major upgrade to its 911 call centre. On the second day of city council’s deliberations for the 2022/23 multi-year budget, Saskatoon fire chief Morgan Hackl said the department is looking at replacing its 10-year-old dispatch system for “next-gen 911.”

Central York Fire to continue cost recovery program

A pilot program to help the Central York Fire Services recover the costs for several types of calls ranging from vehicle collisions to false alarms will become permanent in the New Year.

Alex Forrest not seeking re-election as UFFW president

There will be a new president of the United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg in the new year. Alex Forrest announced at a union general meeting on Nov. 30 that he will be not be seeking re-election as president.

Starfield LION Comfort, Safety, Mobility, INNOVATION.

Starfield LION has a legacy and ongoing history of introducing new products and services which are always designed to ensure the health, safety and performance of the first responders who serve our communities and our country. Starfield LION’s game-changing PPE innovations are designed to best prepare firefighters, EMS teams and law enforcement officers for the dangers and hazards they face each day. For decades, Starfield LION has been the industry leader in the fight against firefighter stress by incorporating innovative design features and materials to deliver the most natural, least restrictive movement possible.

From bunker gear, to helmets and gloves, Starfield LION offers a full line of PPE solutions to fit your department’s needs. As we continue to develop new and enhance existing PPE products and services, our primary goal remains the same: To keep you safe and always.... » Learn more

Volunteer Vision: The fragile volunteer

People are often quick to give credit to the volunteer firefighter, and rightfully so. Where else do you find such an important and often lifesaving role placed in the hands of a little or no pay organization? I challenge that no one sees the importance of this more than us, the fire chiefs, who rely upon these dedicated men and women to respond as part of our team. This importance is what the community doesn’t see, or often, understand when they take these truly unselfish volunteers for granted. BBy Tom Desorcy » Read more...

Back to Basics: Maintaining building orientation

Last month, we looked at the importance of focusing on the floor when conducting the primary search. The reason behind this is the fact that the majority of our occupants who require rescue will be on the floor. This month I want to dive deeper into the primary search by focusing on the importance of maintaining building orientation. By Mark van der Feyst » Read more...
Breton SmarTek

3 Ways to Respond to an Emergency with FireQ

  1. Via Text Message
  2. Via Phone Call
  3. Directly from FireQ App

Did you know that there are two types of text messages? An email-to-text message is created and sent like an email, but it is received as a text message. Delivery relies on inter-connected servers which can slow delivery and there is no way to track if a message has been successfully delivered. A true-type text message (also known as SMS) is a message sent from one cellular phone number to another. True-type texts have a higher priority than email for transmission which ensures more reliable delivery. Text messages also provide delivery reporting.
FireQ provides true-type text messages because giving firefighters more options is important. Each FireQ system has a dedicated and unique telephone number that makes it possible to respond to both the text and the phone call. >> Learn more

The Emotional

Nothing clears a room of firefighter spirit and vitality like when you say that the training at hand will be on emotions. This is one of the reasons that I love to directly address it in trainings and presentations. As an often overlooked and underappreciated component to a mental wellness program, training, and sometimes even therapy, emotional understanding and management play a key role in recovery and resilience. By Nick Halmasy » Learn more

Trainer’s Corner: Training for today

For today’s training officer, maintaining current skill levels and developing new ones for your members during a worldwide pandemic has been, and may still be, a monumental task. Some of you have risen to the occasion by developing some “out-of-the-box” instructional methods. It would be great to hear your ideas. Feedback regarding what did and didn’t work for you will be vital information for the year ahead, for I do not think we are quite out of the woods yet. By Ed Brouwer » Learn more

In conversation with Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president

Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy hosts Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president and executive director and fire chief for Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. Stuebing, who helms a metro composite department, the backstory of his IAFC appointment, the important role of Canada in the IAFC, and staffing, succession planning and other challenges shared by colleagues around the world as we move through the pandemic. » Listen now

FDSOA Apparatus Specification & Maintenance Symposium

Jan. 10-12, 2022
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
» Learn more

Lambton County Fire Trade Show

Jan. 29, 2022
Location: Sarnia, Ont.
» Learn more