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Toronto planning for fire and EMS staff shortages due to Omicron

Toronto has a plan to address potential staff shortages of essential employees, including paramedics and firefighters, caused by rising COVID-19 numbers.

Edmonton fire chief looking for solutions after four homeless people die in fires

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) Chief Joe Zatylny is looking at an initiative from Surrey, B.C., as a possible solution to preventing fires in vacant and abandoned buildings.

New Year’s Eve fire destroys Winnipeg apartment building

A large fire ripped through a three-story apartment building on the corner of Ellice Avenue and Sherbrook Street on New Year’s Eve.

Multiple crews respond to fire at vegetable processing plant

Multiple crews and tankers were called to a fire at a vegetable processing plant north of Mitchell, Ont., on Dec. 30, 2021.
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2500: Standard for Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents and Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services

This new standard is a one-stop shop when it comes to better ensuring the safety of operations at technical search and rescue incidents. NFPA 2500, a consolidation made up of three former standards NFPA 1858, 1983, and 1670, includes a number of revisions to sections from all three of the documents from which it was created.

NFPA 2500 will ensure you meet the minimum requirements for conducting operations at technical search and rescue incidents; help ensure the correct design, performance, testing, and certification of life safety rope and equipment for emergency services; and enable you to properly select, care for, and maintain the rope and associated equipment for emergency services personnel. >> Order your copy today!

Well Being: Vitamin D — a second look at the science

Have you ever asked your medical doctor to run a 25 hydroxy vitamin D blood panel? I highly recommend you do as the science on vitamin D3 and health is very convincing. Everyone should be taking vitamin D3, but there is a “however.” Before you self-prescribe vitamin D3 you should continue reading. Here is a quick lesson, vitamin D and vitamin D3 is the same, we all talk about taking vitamin D, but a quick trip to your local health food store you find out the vitamin D supplement you are looking for is called vitamin D3, the active form that your body needs. These terms are interchangeable. The vitamin D blood test you want your medical doctor to run is called the 23 hydroxy vitamin D or 25 vitamin D for short. In this article when we talk about vitamin D and vitamin D3 we are talking about the same thing. By Elias Markou » Read more...

StopBad: Hockey and fire teams

Like many kids who grew up in Canada, hockey was a big part of my life. I started playing at five years old and played for almost 50 years. When I joined the fire service I started to compare the many similarities between a hockey team and a fire service team. There is so much in common, from team work, pride, hard work, and fun, to the desire to become a better team. Hockey Night in Canada is part of our culture and so is fire practice night in many small to mid-size towns. By Gord Schreiner » Read more...

Cover story: After the incident

From a cleaner cab to a cleaner firehall, the topic of disinfecting and purifying for better firefighter health has long been on the radar as a matter of importance to fire departments across North America. In 2018, the NFPA published the paper “Developing and Implementing a Fire Service Contamination Control Plan” that recognized the growing concern that exposure to contaminants are a likely source of cancer in firefighters, and other unhealthy outcomes arise from biological or chemical exposures. While the work to date has not included the creation of an NFPA standard for “clean cab” to date, the innovations and best practices being discussed and implemented at the association, firehall and manufacturing level are bringing about widespread recognition of mitigating risks to firefighter health. By Laura Aiken » Learn more

Leadership Forum: Legacy exemplified

My entry into the Canadian fire service was as a volunteer firefighter in the then small town of Georgina, Ont. I was born and raised on a farm in nearby Keswick, and while working as a mechanic, Fire Chief Allan Bush hired me as a volunteer firefighter, and in doing so, ignited a passion in me that has yet to be extinguished. He would later hire me as a career firefighter and then promote me as my career developed under his leadership. By Matt Pegg » Learn more

In conversation with Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president

Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy hosts Fire Chief Ken Stuebing, the new IAFC president and executive director and fire chief for Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. Stuebing, who helms a metro composite department, the backstory of his IAFC appointment, the important role of Canada in the IAFC, and staffing, succession planning and other challenges shared by colleagues around the world as we move through the pandemic. » Listen now

FDSOA Apparatus Specification & Maintenance Symposium

Jan. 10-12, 2022
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
» Learn more

FDSOA Health and Safety Conference

Jan. 10-13, 2022
Location: Orlanda, Florida
» Learn more

IAFC Wildland Urban Interface Conference

March 22-24, 2022
Location: Reno, Nevada
» Learn more