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‘Take care of yourselves’: Calgary firefighters raise awareness of cancer risks

For 14 years, Billy Stewart responded to a wide variety of emergencies and risks as a Calgary firefighter, but risks that couldn’t be seen are now taking a toll.

Three children dead after house fire in Brampton, Ont.

Officials are calling a fire that claimed the lives of three boys in Brampton, Ont., Thursday a “tragic circumstance,” but say they do not believe it was a case of neglect.

Ontario expands eligibility for COVID-19 testing to include pregnant people, first responders and unvaccinated seniors

The province of Ontario widened access to free PCR COVID-19 testing last week, making eligible pregnant people, select unvaccinated adults over the age of 70, and first responders.

Fire at Toronto auto body shop sends one person to hospital

One person was transported to hospital after a fire in Toronto on Saturday evening.
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New Consolidated Standard: NFPA 1225

Get a clearer picture of public safety telecommunications with the new 2022 edition of NFPA 1225, Standard for Emergency Services Communications.

NFPA 1225 is a consolidation of NFPA 1061 and NFPA 1221 and clarifies each emergency services communications position, its job performance requirements, and its applicable duties. Emergency services communications professionals can use this new standard to measure competency and maintain it through professional development activities.

This first edition standard is a must for public safety telecommunication professionals and first responders.

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Branding for the modern fire service

The life cycle of a fire department is one marked with benchmarks, such as anniversaries, and the people that make them up change over time. The vehicles, training and tools need to adapt and grow to remain viable and relevant as benchmarks go by. These events make up the history of the department, which in turn forms the “culture” or the “soul” of a service. Since change is inevitable, modernization should be anticipated and embraced. When a fire department moves towards the future, it has a lot of transitional components in play, from leadership movement, acceptance of new technology and forming a new sense of self-identity. When that time comes to contemplate what the department stands for — being mindful of the past, but striving forward towards the future – that is the time to think about branding. By Kirk Hughes » Read more...

Well Being: Vitamin D — a second look at the science

Have you ever asked your medical doctor to run a 25 hydroxy vitamin D blood panel? I highly recommend you do as the science on vitamin D3 and health is very convincing. Everyone should be taking vitamin D3, but there is a “however.” Before you self-prescribe vitamin D3 you should continue reading. Here is a quick lesson, vitamin D and vitamin D3 is the same, we all talk about taking vitamin D, but a quick trip to your local health food store you find out the vitamin D supplement you are looking for is called vitamin D3, the active form that your body needs. These terms are interchangeable. The vitamin D blood test you want your medical doctor to run is called the 23 hydroxy vitamin D or 25 vitamin D for short. In this article when we talk about vitamin D and vitamin D3 we are talking about the same thing. By Elias Markou » Read more...

Lingo and logistics

Current interagency communication techniques are like a step stool in your tool kit, infrequently used, but important and helpful when the time comes. While there are workarounds to it, like standing on your toes, and stretching to reach, nothing quite beats the real thing. By Kaitlin Secord » Learn more

The roof hook

The roof hook is also known to many as the New York hook. The roof hook was invented by Hugh Halligan. Halligan also invented the halligan tool, and due to its overwhelming success, it seems to have overshadowed the roof hook. Throughout the United States, the roof hook is in many fire departments in a large capacity and yet in Canada we seem to have not adopted this amazingly effective tool. By Nathan Pocock » Learn more

Taking stock of Canada’s volunteer fire service: the national census, recruitment and retention

This month’s podcast dives into the volunteer sector initiatives of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC). Host and Hope, B.C.’s Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy talks to CAFC director and Answer the Committee chair Vince MacKenzie, fire chief for Grand Falls Windsor, N.L., about the story behind the Answer the Call committee, the Great Canadian Volunteer Census, and what the research says about the needs and future of Canada’s volunteer fire service. » Listen now

Fire Fighting in Canada Virtual Summit

February 24, 2022
Location: Virtual
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Security • Police • Fire Career Expo

May 10, 2022
Location: Universal EventSpace, Vaughan, ON
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FDIC International

April 25-30, 2022
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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