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Errant drivers sever fire hose during house fire in Vancouver

Firefighters in Vancouver are calling for motorists to pay more attention after drivers drove over a fire hose during an active fire in South Vancouver on Friday, severing the hose and sending jets of water flying.

Brandon’s 1st female firefighter retires after blazing new trail in Manitoba city

Robin Chant became the first woman firefighter paramedic with the City of Brandon, Manitoba’s emergency services back in 1994. As she hung up her helmet for the final time earlier this week, she was literally in the driver’s seat.

Legacy Leadership Grant Program announced for Lake Country Firefighters

The Lake Country Fire Department in B.C., announced a new LCFD Legacy Leadership grant program to its members on May 28. The grant program is a unique new support for career advancement in fire service leadership specifically for active LCFD members.

Saskatoon firefighters douse stubborn condo blaze

It took Saskatoon firefighters seven hours to get a condo fire under control and another seven-and-a-half hours to fully extinguish it.
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Volunteer Vision: Communicating your message

Can you easily tell when a person is confident? Can you detect by their actions or demeanor that they have everything under control? How about your confidence? Does it show? Speaking before a crowd, it’s easy to see when someone is controlled and confident in their delivery. I find that when you know what you’re talking about or are passionate about the topic, it’s easier to give your message. By Tom DeSorcy » Read more...

Back to Basics: Which aerial to use?

There are many different types of aerial trucks in the fire service. All of them have an intended purpose and are designed for certain operational benefits. Within the fire service, aerial trucks are usually the biggest truck in the fleet and are admired and loved by most firefighters. Not every fire department will have a need for an aerial truck in their fleet, but they certainly can benefit from the use of one and can use mutual aid for assistance. By Mark van der Feyst » Read more...
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Reliable fire equipment tools and supplies

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Dependable carries a wide range of apparatus parts for all makes and models, with inventory for fast delivery, and the ability to provide genuine parts from your trusted brands. A one-stop shop for equipment, parts, and quality repairs and maintenance services.

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The Emotional

Nothing clears a room of firefighter spirit and vitality like when you say that the training at hand will be on emotions. This is one of the reasons that I love to directly address it in trainings and presentations. As an often overlooked and underappreciated component to a mental wellness program, training, and sometimes even therapy, emotional understanding and management play a key role in recovery and resilience. By Nick Halmasy » Learn more

Trainer’s Corner: Teaching not only what went right, but what went wrong

In this edition of Trainer’s Corner, I’d like to share an exercise that may prove valuable for you and your crew. For this exercise, you will need a roof ladder with adjustable hooks (a picture of one will do if you don’t have access to one), a flip board (or large pieces of paper), a marker, paper and pens or pencils for each member. By Ed Brouwer » Learn more

The evolution and future of mass notification systems

Tune in to April’s podcast for a conversation on how public alerts have evolved, why radio is still a key player, what the research shows about public reaction to emergency notifications, best practices for crafting your message, why it’s important to know and address your policy hurdles and how GPS plays a role in the next generation of population targeting. Podcast host Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy talks all this and more with Jacob Westfall, chief technology officer with Public Emergency Alerting Services Incorporated (PEASI), a mass notification software company based in Calgary who is the developer of Alertable software. » Listen now

MAFC Conference and Trade Show

June 2-4
Location: Dauphin, Man.
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NFPA Conference and Trade Show

June 6-9
Location: Boston, MA
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