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60 firefighters, 6 helicopters working to douse out-of-control wildfire in northwestern Alberta

More firefighters and air support crews have been dispatched to battle a wildfire that has been raging in northwestern Alberta for several days.

Cool spring, less lightning bring easy start to B.C. wildfire season, says forecaster

British Columbia has spent and prepared like never before to fight wildfires, only to find this year’s fire season is off to a damp start.

Wildfire smoke triggers air quality statement in northern Sask., closes highway

Wildfire smoke is causing poor air quality and reducing visibility over portions of Saskatchewan’s north. On its website, Environment and Climate Change Canada said a plume of smoke from a forest fire northeast of La Ronge was continuing to create locally poor air quality, and advised people with breathing difficulties to stay inside.

Milton firefighters respond to avocado fire on Highway 401 causing heavy delays

In Ontario, Milton firefighters are on scene of a major truck fire on Highway 401 Sunday (June 5). The blaze broke out on the eastbound portion of the highway near Winston Churchill Boulevard before 3 p.m. when a truck loaded with avocados ignited, police said.
FFIC|MSA Safety Sales, LLC|100016|SS1

The future of firefighting fits in your hand.

Compatibility across gear enhances firefighter safety on the fireground, and the newest technology from MSA enables firefighter gear to become increasingly connected and work together. Built on a software-based platform, the MSA G1 features compatibility with the all-new LUNAR™ Connected Device, to help keep your team connected when it matters most. It's a hand-held, wireless device, offering enhanced vision, improved situational awareness, and accountability for everyone on scene by combining thermal imaging, search and rescue technology, and cloud connectivity. » Learn more
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Leadership Forum: Micromanagers and the path to empowerment

We have all heard the term micromanaging before. What does that mean to you? A boss that makes you check in every day to make sure you are completing your work properly? A leader that gives you all their ideas and thoughts and makes you implement them exactly how they want it? Or is it a supervisor who doesn’t say a word, but continually looks over your shoulder to ensure you work is satisfactory? By Chris Harrow » Read more...

Suicide and first responders: Part 1

Suicide is a conscious act of self-induced annihilation in an individual who sees it as the best possible solution to a defined problem. The World Health Organization estimates that globally over 800,000 individuals died by suicide each year. In Canada, the suicide rate is approximately 11 per 100,000 population, meaning that more than 10 Canadians die by suicide every day. That adds up to approximately 100,000 individuals over a 30-year period. Overall, suicide is the ninth leading cause of death in the country. By Peter Collins » Read more...

Tech Talk: The apparatus technician and mentorship

I recently became a member on Facebook. Not to go down the rabbit hole, but if I wanted to stay connected to my kids, grandkids, events, etc., Facebook was the way. It seemed that my friends and family were more “in the know” than I was because “the know” was posted on Facebook. Like the internet, it appears there is not much you can’t find or see these days. This includes good and bad information and an interpretation of many. By Chris Dennis » Learn more

Volunteer Vision: Rebuilding volunteer fire departments from pandemic challenges

It is finally time to start rebuilding our strength. Fire departments across Canada have suffered damage from the last two years of countless pandemic challenges. Providing emergency services, keeping up on training, and the ability to recruit new members has been insane. The challenge was great, and rebuilding will possibly be just as onerous as the pandemic was. Even before the pandemic hit, volunteer fire departments dealt with many challenges on an organizational level. Those challenges have not disappeared just because there was a pandemic. If anything, our return to normal will be further complicated by the compounding damage inflicted to organizations since March 2020. This column will explore some strategies on how to build your department back to where it was and hopefully better than ever around training and recruitment. By Vince Mackenzie » Learn more

The evolution and future of mass notification systems

Tune in to April’s podcast for a conversation on how public alerts have evolved, why radio is still a key player, what the research shows about public reaction to emergency notifications, best practices for crafting your message, why it’s important to know and address your policy hurdles and how GPS plays a role in the next generation of population targeting. Podcast host Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy talks all this and more with Jacob Westfall, chief technology officer with Public Emergency Alerting Services Incorporated (PEASI), a mass notification software company based in Calgary who is the developer of Alertable software. » Listen now

NFPA Conference and Trade Show

June 6-9
Location: Boston, MA
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