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Most of Northwest Territories under extreme fire danger

Nearly the entire N.W.T. is, or will be, under extreme fire danger, as hot and dry temperatures continue into next week. There is extreme fire danger in the North Slave, Beaufort Delta, Sahtú and South Slave.

Alberta first responders can access free daily texts to support mental health

Two free text messaging services have been launched to support the mental health of Alberta’s first responders.

Canada Day fire damages Kentville grocery store

A grocery store in Kentville, N.S., will reopen after a fire Friday afternoon left the front of the building damaged.

Unseasonable heat prompts warnings, adds to growing wildfire risk in Yukon

Heat warnings and special weather statements cover much of Yukon and Environment Canada says residents of the territory can’t expect much relief until at least mid-week.
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The Misconception about Online Training

If there is a misconception about web-based training, it’s that online firefighter courses are meant to replace hands-on training. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Online training offers fire departments many benefits. A replacement for hands-on training is not one of them. Vector Solutions, the industry’s leading training management system formerly known as TargetSolutions, and trusted by more than 5,000 agencies, is built to train, track and report on all types of training and compliance tasks.

Check out this white paper to learn how pre-training can make your agency’s drill-yard activities more valuable.

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Leadership Forum: Micromanagers and the path to empowerment

We have all heard the term micromanaging before. What does that mean to you? A boss that makes you check in every day to make sure you are completing your work properly? A leader that gives you all their ideas and thoughts and makes you implement them exactly how they want it? Or is it a supervisor who doesn’t say a word, but continually looks over your shoulder to ensure you work is satisfactory? By Chris Harrow » Read more...

Suicide and first responders: Part 1

Suicide is a conscious act of self-induced annihilation in an individual who sees it as the best possible solution to a defined problem. The World Health Organization estimates that globally over 800,000 individuals died by suicide each year. In Canada, the suicide rate is approximately 11 per 100,000 population, meaning that more than 10 Canadians die by suicide every day. That adds up to approximately 100,000 individuals over a 30-year period. Overall, suicide is the ninth leading cause of death in the country. By Peter Collins » Read more...
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Not your average "driver training" textbook

Drive to Survive: The Art of Wheeling the Rig provides an in-depth examination of fire apparatus vehicle dynamics. This is not your average "driver training" textbook.

Fire apparatus operators must understand how a vehicle maneuvers at roadway speed, and more importantly...why does it crash? Just as a doctor cannot heal the human body without a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, an emergency vehicle operator cannot safely drive a fire apparatus without an in-depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics.

Drive to Survive fills in the gaps between vehicle dynamics and crash causation.

» Order your copy now

Profile: Fire Chief Larry Watkinson

Born and raised in Kelowna, B.C., Penticton Fire Chief Larry Watkinson has always loved the outdoors. Who would have guessed that his love for hitting the slopes would have led to such a fulfilling and exciting career in the fire service? By Kaitlin Secord » Learn more

Thermal imagers are not without risks

It’s critical that firefighters keep their TI skills sharp for when a structural fire call does come in because the TI tool could potentially save a life. Let’s look at training firefighters to use the TI safely and the risks that are associated with interpreting what the TI is telling you. By Manfred Kihn » Learn more

In conversation with John McKearney

John McKearney, the fire chief in Whistler and president of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, looks back on his time in the fire service, reflecting on the importance of paid-on-call firefighters working alongside careers, moving from the Vancouver department to a resort municipality, changing risks and vulnerabilities in small towns versus big cities, and the need for a national strategy on the interface threat of wildfires and flooding. » Listen now

FireCon 2022

Sept. 8-10
Location: Thunder Bay, Ont.
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Fire-Rescue Canada 2022

Sept. 11-14
Location: Ottawa
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