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Ottawa Fire Services searching for partner to help build new training facility

The Ottawa Fire Services is looking for a partner to help build a new multi-million dollar firefighter training facility in the capital.

Fire crews prevent wildfire from growing near Lytton, B.C.

Fire crews tackling a wildfire threatening Lytton, B.C., say the out-of-control fire has been prevented from growing since the previous day.

Edmonton-area first responders back in the saddle for annual fundraising rodeo

Members of law enforcement, paid and volunteer fire services and Emergency Medical Services were all welcome — along with their families — to take part at the Kinsmen Rodeo Grounds Saturday afternoon.

Northern Manitoba community under evacuation order due to fire

A community in northern Manitoba has issued an evacuation order due to an ongoing forest fire in the area.
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LION's Fire Safety Training Tools-technology that allows firefighters to train in countless locations and stage different situations to diversify your training and prepare you for any real fire situation.
LION's ATTACK™ system name, provides FLAMES AND SMOKE where live fire isn't possible. The ATTACK™ Digital Fire Training System allows firefighters to train, diversify and experience realistic training anywhere. LION's Hot Line Training System is a heavy-duty fire training tool designed to handle the requirements of advanced fire suppression training. Easily add any of the modular fire training props to expand your training arsenal for a fraction of the cost. » Learn more
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Leadership Forum: Micromanagers and the path to empowerment

We have all heard the term micromanaging before. What does that mean to you? A boss that makes you check in every day to make sure you are completing your work properly? A leader that gives you all their ideas and thoughts and makes you implement them exactly how they want it? Or is it a supervisor who doesn’t say a word, but continually looks over your shoulder to ensure you work is satisfactory? By Chris Harrow » Read more...

Suicide and first responders: Part 1

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life speaking with individuals who want to die. These conversations can take place with patients in the Emergency Department at the hospital where I’m on staff but are more likely to occur when I’m on-scene with police crisis negotiators. My role as an operational forensic psychiatrist with the police is to advise the negotiators and critical incident command, but sometimes I’m asked to be the primary negotiator. By Peter Collins » Read more...
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Schedule a virtual demo of MSA’s revolutionary SCBA

The MSA G1 SCBA provides the revolutionary safety capabilities of today with the ability to be seamlessly updated as technology changes in the future. MSA is the first breathing apparatus manufacturer to provide a platform-oriented safety-as-a-system SCBA. See for yourself – virtually. Schedule a virtual demo now. » Learn more

Back to Basics: Ladder Dating: When to use two firefighters

Back to Basics: Ladder Dating: When to use two firefighters Many, if not all firefighters, have been taught to always use two firefighters when carrying or using a ground ladder. While I have been advocating the use of one firefighter in these instances, there are times when two firefighters may be available or needed to be used for ground ladder operations. By Mark van der Feyst » Learn more

Evaluating rescue tools

The purchase of new rescue tools represents a significant investment by any fire department and with the extended lifespan of these tools, utmost care should be taken that your trials and evaluations present the best opportunity for your selection committee to evaluate the tools in real-world scenarios. By Chris Kerr » Learn more

Building partnerships: Improving interoperability all around

Chris Harrow, director of fire services for the Town of Minto/Township of Wellington North in Ontario and interim CAO, talks to Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy about volunteer recruitment, retention, and engagement; the increased need for making business cases to council; his successes partnering with the paramedics and police, and the foundations for building partnerships that improve coordination all around. » Listen now

FireCon 2022

Sept. 8-10
Location: Thunder Bay, Ont.
» Learn more

Fire-Rescue Canada 2022

Sept. 11-14
Location: Ottawa
» Learn more

FSWO Training Symposium

Oct. 20-23
Location: Belleville, Ont.
» Learn more