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LUDA Inspiration Butter Chicken Sauce is a mild, but classic Indian sweet dry mix that relies on a rich, creamy tomato and butter base that features a distinctive deep orange hue.

LUDA Inspiration Gochujang Sauce is a remarkable, international gem having more umami and taste than other dressing hot sauces! A Korean staple, this on-trend product is unique as it relies heavily on fermented sweet and savory notes and features a burst of strong spices and flavours that helps compliment any meat or vegetarian dish!

LUDA Inspiration Sriracha is an authentic instant hot sauce that provides a taste explosion featuring hints of garlic, delicious sweet and sour notes with a medium spice profile.

LUDA Inspiration General Tao Sauce is gluten-free and features a slightly sweet-and-sour flavour balanced with spices, heat and soy sauce.

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