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Carrousel Packaging:
a positive impact on the environment and on the planet.

At Carrousel Packaging, we’re proud to be Canada’s leader in packaging solutions, and we strive to become the industry standard for sustainable, eco-responsible packaging.

Going green with open arms
After 50 years of constant innovation and development, Carrousel Packaging has become Canada’s leader in packaging. And, as a family business headed by Brigitte Jalbert, our founder’s daughter, we’ve given ourselves the mission of encouraging our clients to adopt more eco-responsible ways of doing business. How? By offering them a variety of innovative solutions to reduce single-use plastics and encouraging recycling. And by accompanying them throughout their ecological transition, helping them comply with new government and municipal regulations (in effect in Montreal as of March 28, 2023, and federally, starting December 22, 2023).

Successful initiatives
Our sensitivity and concern over the use of single-use plastics began in late 2018, and from that day forward, Carrousel Packaging has been working closely with Éco Entreprises Québec, an organization helping businesses fulfill their legal recycling obligations as per the Environmental Quality Act. Martin Boily, VP of Sales and Marketing, explains: «;Our goal is to make Carrousel a model and leader in ecoresponsibility, so we called on Éco Entreprises Québec to train our staff so that each of us could become an ambassador for the cause."
Michel Bourrassa, our CEO, is firmly committed to that cause and knows that the ecological turnaround must start internally: «We’ve just launched the Eco Innov Centre, to develop as much knowledge and expertise about eco-responsibility as possible, with the goal of helping our clients achieve best practices, so that together, we can change the way we use packaging.” To that end, Carrousel Packaging is implementing the 500 Plus Commitment program, enhancing its offer of 500 new eco-friendly products annually until 2024—products like paper straws and wooden coffee sticks.  
Our goal: to continuously evolve with the realities of our industry and governing regulations.
Giving plastic a second life

Every year, millions of pounds of stretch film used by businesses in Quebec end up in landfills. So, in 2020, Carrousel Packaging partnered with plastic bag manufacturer Polykar, to launch the Carrou-Cycle program, tackling this pressing environmental problem. Carrousel is proud of this innovative, eco-responsible initiative, which helps reduce the amount of residual material used in this type of packaging.

Thanks to this circular-economy program, companies everywhere can better meet their environmental commitments and manufacturing new products from used stretch film transformed into polyethylene resin. In that same spirit, Carrousel now markets the Terra, a film product made from 75% post-consumer materials designed to be the most sustainable product in its category.
  Carrousel is the official distributor of La Tasse, which is a system of reusable returnable cups distributed in a network of more than 400 stores across Quebec
Carrousel also supports La tasse —a project promoting returnable containers as alternatives to coffee cups. What’s more, we’re currently in discussion to offer reusable containers for ready-to-eat products across our markets. And because whatever gets used needs to be cleaned, CEO Michel Bourassa is proud to announce the launch of «a new line of specialized dishwashers that help facilitate the transition to reusable dishes—we’ve even integrated a dishwasher and laundry repair and maintenance service under the private brand, GRV.»
A key player, now more than ever

Carrousel Packaging strives to play a major role by positively influencing its 18,000 clients, including small-business owners, restaurants and bars, food processors, supermarkets and manufacturers. To that end, it’s vital that we play an active role in the evolution of our industry, so we can truly become eco-responsible corporate citizens. In concrete terms, we’ve decided to discontinue all products made of biodegradable plastic, including PLA, in addition to reducing our use of petrol-based fuels in transportation. Studies have clearly shown the harmful effects of these plastics at the end of their life cycle and clearly, they are incompatible with composting facilities.
Michel Bourassa goes on to say that «because of the current lack of recycling available for certain types of plastics, we’ve cut back on plastic products as a whole, even though most are fully recyclable. And, because we’re proud proponents of the circular economy, we prioritize containers made of recycled plastic. And we always prioritize products made in Quebec, as locally sourced products are clearly less harmful to our environment.»
Steadfastly determined to be a key player in the development of sustainable and eco-responsible packaging solutions across Canada, Carrousel Packaging is firmly committed to preserving the planet’s resources by reducing the environmental impact of its products over the coming years. For more information, visit carrousel.ca