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foodincanada.comMay 25, 2021

Ardent Mills

The Ardent Mills Organic Advantage

The world of organic flour and grain can be challenging. That’s why we’re making organic reliable, efficient and easy for you at every step of the supply chain. We partner with family farms across Canada to deliver a high-quality, consistent organic flour you can count on, backed by our unparalleled technical support. That’s the Ardent Mills Organic Advantage.

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Clean Disconnects with Drop-In Compatibility

Looking to upgrade your disconnects? MENNEKES offers non-metallic and stainless steel clean disconnects with curved and sloped profiles. Innovative design minimizes standing water and contaminants. Units are compatible with industry standard footprint and current MENNEKES disconnects.

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The Sprint 2 Dicer builds on the technology of the DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer and is inspired by the longstanding Model G. Accepting an infeed product up to 6.5" (165.1 mm) in any dimension, the dicer offers a stainless steel sanitary design throughout with the food zone completely isolated from the mechanical zone.

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Not all fibre is created equal! Did you know: most consumers will not repurchase a product if it causes them any gastrointestinal discomfort? Fibersol®, a high-quality line of soluble dietary fibre ingredients, is well tolerated at up to 68g per day—over 4x the tolerance of inulin. Discover more in “The Power of Comfort: Benefits of Well-Tolerated Fibre” white paper.

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Predictive maintenance for your critical equipment

Ifm’s innovative vibration products detect machine wear & tear and alert you of possible, irreparable damage to help prevent costly downtime / failure. Learn how our efficient condition-monitoring solutions provide permanent protection, insurance for your equipment and peace of mind. ifm helps you stay ahead of the game when it comes to predictive maintenance, before it’s too late.

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