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Add a twist to your formulations, from popcorn toppings, dry seasoning mixes, quiches & pizzas, dry & wet soups, to baked goods! Lactalis Canada is launching a new range of premium cheddar cheese powders from your favourite Canadian cheese brands, Balderson and Cracker Barrel. Available in 20kg format. Contact us for more details at ingredientsinfo@ca.lactalis.com
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At DTS, stainless auger conveyors are one of our specialities. We manufacture auger conveyors in horizontal, inclined and vertical models for a wide variety of food products including wet, dry, fresh and frozen condition.

Damage to products is prevented by design features such as the minimum distance between auger and body, rounded auger blades in the input end of the auger, and a progressive auger pitch to prevent overloading.

A range of options are available including infeed hoppers (wet or dry), clean-in-place motorised spray bar, safety covers, load cells, and different surface finishes.

We have a fully insulated auger body available for use with hot or cold foods products. The auger diameter, configuration and length are designed to match your capacity, application and lay-out requirements.
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Emerson's Rosemount CT4215 is an in-line system that accurately tests 100% of food and beverage product packages going through the production lines to ensure seal integrity.

This system measures up to 200 packs per minute, detects trace gases from defective packs, and instantly rejects them without disrupting production. Engineered with patented Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology and designed with a small footprint, it is easy to install and configure, and offers lifetime low maintenance costs.

Contact Spartan Controls, your local Emerson Impact Partner in Western Canada today. 
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Food in Canada has earned the highest degree of trust and respect within the industry serving the Canadian food and beverage processing industry. Download the media kit to learn more about how to partner with Food in Canada on your next advertising campaign.
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