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Grower Day 2018

Ag robot speeds data collection

A new lightweight, low-cost agricultural robot could transform data collection and field scouting for agronomists, seed companies and farmers.

Picking away at the problem of common scab

A molecular bacteriologist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Fredericton Research and Development Centre, says she is seeing promising results that may help potato growers get more of their products into the global marketplace.

Off-season orchard management

Perennial fruit orchards are long-lived, long-term investments which require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure that they retain their productivity for an extended period.
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Don’t let disease or insect pests damage your beautiful strawberries

Appearance is everything when you're producing strawberries for the fresh market. The last thing you want is unsalable berries as a result of Grey mold and tarnished plant bug. Plan now to keep Grey mold, caused by Botrytis cinerea, and tarnished plant bug from ruining your beautiful berries. ELEVATE® provides effective Grey mold control, protecting berry quality, and it can be used within 1 day of harvest. RIMON® controls tarnished plant bug when applied just before egg hatch with a unique mode of action that helps manage insect resistance.
Learn more about ELEVATE, RIMON and what steps you can take now to avoid damaged berries later.
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The dos and don’ts of running a drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation is a system where water is pumped from the ground or surface, filtered, amended with nutrients and/or water treatment chemicals, and then delivered directly to the crop root zone through a network of pipelines into different types of emission devices depending on the crop to be watered. Each year, new growers dabble with drip irrigation and many learn by trial and error. Reaching out with some helpful tips to those growers is Inge Bisconer, technical marketing and sales manager for Toro Micro-Irrigation. » Read more...
BASF - Grower Survey

We’d really like to hear from you…

Through science and innovation, BASF creates chemistry to support farmers and their agricultural production to build a sustainable future. In an effort to better understand the demands and lifestyles of Canada’s farmers, BASF wants to hear from you. What crops do you grow? How do you manage your applications? Do you use social media? How do you promote your business?
Connect with us and help strengthen our path forward to a sustainable future.

Pest Management in the Hopyard

April 5
Location: Kentville, N.S.
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The dirt on dirt - Soils on the North Shore

April 11
Location: New Glasgow, N.S.
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