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February 6, 2019

Putting the strawberry fruit rot prediction model to the test

A predictive model for strawberry anthracnose fruit rot was developed in Florida to help growers predict when they should and shouldn’t be treating their berry crops.

New online resource helps producers improve productivity

The Agri-food Management Institute has launched a new online resource called Farm Productivity to help producers increase efficiencies and reduce areas of waste on their farms.

Government of Canada supports new agricultural workforce tools

This project, funded through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program, is designed to clarify best practices for recruiting and retaining international workers.
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Start your season early and harvest until late.

Solafilm soil-biodegradable mulch film by FilmOrganic is a high performance, high tensile strength black mulch film. That means it lays nice and flat even when its windy because you can pull a 5% tension on it.

Get an early start on your season.

Solafilm is extra durable with a minimum 30-day planting window and 4-month service life. And because its soil-biodegradable, you can enjoy the reward of an extra picking instead of spending money cleaning a field of dirty old plastic.

Convenient. Economical. Clean.

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Beat Botrytis Bunch Rot This Spring

Botrytis cinerea can have a significant impact on grape yield and quality, infecting grapes from flower through to harvest. Spring is the time to start managing Botrytis. Monitor the weather as B. cinerea is most active when temperatures rise to 15 to 20 degrees C with continuous wet conditions. Ideal fungicide timing starts at bloom and continues through veraison and the pre-harvest period. ELEVATE 50WDG Fungicide is a locally systemic protectant fungicide providing excellent disease control. With a unique mode of action, Group 17, ELEVATE fits well in a resistance management program.
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Apps for the field

Assessing apps for use in the field

Every day there is a new smartphone application launched that claims to assist growers in their farming efforts. And while many of these apps can be beneficial tools, wading through the ever-growing lineup of offerings can be a daunting task. “I think apps are a really good tool when we are busy. But, just like any other tool, you want to spend some time doing your research before downloading or paying for anything,” says Renee Prasad, assistant professor of agriculture at the University of the Fraser Valley. » Learn More
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BASF Video Contest

Direct Farm Marketing Conference 2019

February 8 – 9
Location: Winnipeg, Man.
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B.C. Fruit Growers Association AGM

February 12 – 13
Location: Pentiction, B.C.
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B.C. Tree Fruit Horticulture Symposium

February 20
Location: Kelowna, B.C.
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