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May 1, 2019

Health Canada releases final decisions for neonicotinoid pesticides

After extensive research and review, Health Canada has completed its re-evaluations of the neonicotinoid pesticides clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam.

Exploring new markets for Canada’s wild blueberry

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada recently announced over $1.6 million to the Canadian Division of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America to market and promote Canadian wild blueberries internationally.

New virus threat for peppers and tomatoes

The Canadian Horticultural Council is reporting a new virus threat that has brought concerns to tomato and pepper growers in Canada.
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Featured Articles 
Heirloom vegetables

Heirloom vegetables: A link to the past

Bull’s Blood and Chioggia beets, Bright Lights Swiss chard, Kentucky Wonder pole beans, these vegetables, along with thousands of other open-pollinated varieties, were common place in Canada long before my mother planted her first garden. Who knew they would be coveted as precious heirlooms by her grandchildren’s generation? » Read more...
Garlic pests

Taking control of garlic pests

Both stem and bulb nematode and leek moth are pests that are being watched closely by garlic and onion growers in Canada. Both pests have the potential to greatly impact garlic harvest, especially in Ontario. So far, leek moth, an invasive insect from Europe, has spread to Ontario, the Maritimes and some northern U.S. states. There is only one species of the moth, Acrolepiopsis assectella, that infests garlic, leek and onion, notes Peter Mason, scientist at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. » Read more...
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For Insect Pest Control, Go with What Works Best

When it comes to insect pests in your potato fields, don't leave anything to chance. Plan ahead with an aggressive scouting plan to determine if and when insect pests reach threshold levels. And if they do, go with what works the best: RIMON® Insecticide. It's a powerful tool to control Colorado potato beetle and European corn borer. Unlike most conventional insecticides, RIMON works by disrupting cuticle formation and deposition, making it an ideal choice for resistance management programs. Learn more about RIMON for your insect control planning.
Organic certification

Organic certification bodies announce formal partnership

ECOCERT and Soil Association Certification, the leading organic certification bodies for France and the U.K., have announced a formal partnership. » Read more...
FarmFolk CityFolk

A new research and education seed farm launched in B.C.

FarmFolk CityFolk, a not for profit society that works to cultivate a local, sustainable food system, has signed a lease on a new plot of land where it will operate a research and education seed farm. » Read more...
Organic Council

The Organic Council of Ontario wants your input on inputs

The Organic Council of Ontario invites input suppliers, organic producers and industry consultants to tell discuss how Canada’s current system of input review affects your work. » Read more...
BASF Video Contest

IPM scout training workshops - Apples

May 2
Location: Chatham-Kent, Ont.
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