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August 7, 2019

Updated low and highbush blueberry crop profiles

New crop profiles for lowbush blueberry and highbush blueberry are available to download for free from the Government of Canada Publications.

Apple orchard farm tour added to FarmFood360

Viewers will learn how apples are grown, cared for, harvested, and about the importance of Integrated Pest Management, pollinators and Seasonal Agricultural Workers.

John Deere adds three new products to its Frontier product lineup

John Deere has added three products to its Frontier equipment lineup including a new rotary tiller portfolio, skid steer carrier adapter and overseeder.
Film Organic

Start your season early and harvest until late.

Solafilm soil-biodegradable mulch film by FilmOrganic is a high performance, high tensile strength black mulch film. That means it lays nice and flat even when its windy because you can pull a 5% tension on it.

Get an early start on your season.

Solafilm is extra durable with a minimum 30-day planting window and 4-month service life. And because its soil-biodegradable, you can enjoy the reward of an extra picking instead of spending money cleaning a field of dirty old plastic.

Convenient. Economical. Clean.

Call us at 888-754-5156 ext. 15 or e-mail at to learn more about Solafilm.
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Featured Articles 
Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters: A book to help you recruit

During an Ontario Farm Fresh workshop, Denis Cauvier starts off by asking if you really need to recruit at this point at all? He recommends reviewing your present situation to see what exactly you’re hiring for and if perhaps there is someone already in your business who could perform those tasks or if some tasks could be streamlined to make current employees more efficient. If you still feel you need to hire, the next step is developing a detailed job description. » Read more...
Lakeview Vineyard Equipment

The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Chemical Weed Control!

Check out the Clemens RADIUS SL+ equipped with sensitive feelers for clean working around the vine. Your soil will feel revitalized encouraging optimal soil condition. The RADIUS SL+ can be fitted in various positions, at the back, between the axles, at the front and on both sides. The Radius is versatile and can be used with a variety of front tools and other equipment. Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc. will custom fit your RADIUS SL+ for your specific tractor, vineyard and/or orchard! » Contact us today!

Prairies named significant contributor to the organic sector in new report

Canada Organic Trade Association’s latest report shows continued growth of Prairie organic acreage and operations in 2018. » Read more...
Alien insects

On the lookout for invasive alien insects

Canadian researchers have developed a new project to study invasive alien species before they arrive in the country. Their objective is to identify potential insect threats that are not yet present in Canada and generate data to develop models. These models can be used to predict where these species might establish if they become invasive to Canada. » Read more...
Soil microbes

Can soil microbes adapt to different climates and regions?

When we focus on the communities within the soil, we find that there are indeed big differences among microbes. These differences depend on whether the communities come from different latitudes or even different parts of a single state. » Read more...

Organic Field Day

Aug. 7
Location: Coaldale, Atla.
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OFA Field Day

Aug. 15
Location: Bradford, Ont.
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National Student Food Summit 2019

Aug. 15 – 18
Location: Hamilton, Ont.
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