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ToBRFV presentations from PROCINORTE now available

Presentations from a workshop on Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus, run by the network of agricultural researchers in Canada, Mexico and the U.S., are now available.

Niagara to produce lowest amount of ice wine in decades

The loss of tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant surplus ice wine from previous years, reducing the amount of grapes earmarked for ice wine at one-third the annual average – a 20-year low.

Arctic apples producer launches new package size, apple variety

Okanagan Specialty Fruits, developer and grower behind the Arctic apple, has launched a new, individual-sized two-ounce package. OSF will also produce Arctic Fuji (a red variety) as of Fall 2021.
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Think Different. Farm Better.

Timac Agro Canada’s high-efficiency compound fertilizers, biostimulants and additives were developed with performance and sustainability in mind. A family-run company based out of France since 1959, Timac Agro operates in over 39 countries, visiting 20,000 farms per day. Our boots on the ground proximity approach allows us to build relationships with all growers, no matter the size of their operation. Our Agronomic Technical Consultants learn about the grower’s needs and develop a program suited to their soil type, crop grown, and all other related factors. >> Read More
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What’s being done about the ag labour shortage in Ontario

Labour shortages in agriculture are, unfortunately, nothing new. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these shortages, but also brought more attention to this major problem. In the wake of the pandemic, organizations in Ontario are stepping up to offer solutions. » Read more...
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Consider cover cropping benefits

Cover crops are a hot topic these days, and for good reason: the benefits can range from reduced soil erosion to weed suppression to improved soil organic matter. The tricky part can be figuring out where to start. Anne Verhallen shares options for Ontario growers, while Yvonne Lawley and Callum Morrison give insight into cover cropping on the Prairies. » Read more...
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Color Atlas of Postharvest Quality of Fruits and Vegetables

The effects of time and temperature on the postharvest quality of fruits and vegetables are visually depicted in the Color Atlas of Postharvest Quality of Fruits and Vegetables. Through hundreds of vibrant color photographs, this unique resource illustrates how the appearance (e.g., color, shape, defects and injuries) of fruits and vegetables changes throughout their postharvest life and how storage temperature greatly contributes to critical quality changes.
The book’s extensive coverage describes 37 different fruits and vegetables from different groups that were stored at five specific temperatures and photographed daily after specified elapsed periods of time. >> Learn More