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Health Canada announces neonic special review decisions

Following a special review that included public consultation and science-based assessments, Health Canada has released its decisions on the risks to aquatic insects from two neonicotinoid pesticides.

IPM tips to stay on top of early season apple pests

With the unexpectedly early start to warm spring temperatures, pests are set to get a head-start. OMAFRA’s Kristy Grigg-McGuffin has created a resource for apple growers with what to look for and prevention tips.

Podcast: The details on digesters

Farmers are under immense pressure to use sustainable practices on their farms. Digesters are one popular solution. But how do you know a digester can generate the right amount of ROI?
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Timac Agro

Start with the roots.

Providing your crop the best start possible will have an effect on overall yield. Whether it is transplant stress or potential frost, having stronger roots with an abundance of root hairs will assist in maximizing your crops’ potential. Timac Agro Canada’s Biostimulant, Fertiactyl, was developed with performance and sustainability in mind. Fertiactyl applied at planting will boost root development and enhance nutrient uptake during this critical time. With multiple trials throughout the province, our Agronomic Technical Consultants are tasked with ensuring proper follow up during the growing season. >> Read more
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Apple Blossoms

Understanding costs of production

For more than a year, the Organic Council of Ontario has investigated the costs of certified organic production in an attempt to better understand the different variables that affect it. Following extensive consultation with organic producers, involving financial analysis and comparative benchmark development, OCO has now released a Cost of Production Series. » Read more
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Breeding resistance to Colorado Potato Beetle

Potatoes have hundreds of wild relatives, which is helpful for potato breeders and researchers like AAFC-Fredericton’s Helen Tai. These wild relatives offer a wealth of resources from which to draw when developing new and improved varieties. Right now, the top trait breeders are looking for is Colorado Potato Beetle resistance, as there are concerns of insecticide resistance. » Read more
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Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of modern MAP technologies for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Coverage begins with the general MAP concept and application by introducing the concept of MAP, how MAP works for fresh-cut produce and the benefits and shortfalls of MAP in its application. The book then discusses the basic aspects of MAP – packaging materials and machinery. Coverage of this important aspect is included in the book since fresh-cut manufacturers spend much more time in the day-to-day operations on packaging machinery and systems as compared to packaging film materials. In the final section, Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables highlights the latest developments in the packaging industry and how they could impact the fresh-cut industry. >> Learn more
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Canadian Fruit & Vegetable Summit

The recorded live and on-demand sessions are now available! » Learn more