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Checklist for a successful potato harvest

Whoever said that “A potato storage is not a hospital” was absolutely right. Tubers bruised at harvest are easily invaded by soft rot or Fusarium dry rot, which can cause serious economic losses in storage.

Avoid harvest-related fatigue

With the tight time frames and necessity of completing harvest, many growers will push to finish harvest despite the risks. Farmers need to be aware of the risks associated with worker fatigue.

Podcast: Practical tech on the farm

Tech is everywhere in ag. Our guests from Purdue University and Olds College share what they’re working on and recent findings – as well as how they’re working to make tech more accessible.

Custom Built Fruit, Vegetable and Nursery Equipment

Willsie Equipment Sales is a family owned farm equipment manufacturer for all of your fruit, vegetable, nursery and other horticultural equipment needs, customized for any sized operation, proudly serving the industry since 1948!

Visit our website for more information on: Planting Equipment, Weeding/Cultivating Equipment, Harvesting Equipment, Washing Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Specialized Garlic Equipment from Zocapi and High Speed Precision Cultivating Technology from Garford Farm Machinery.

We provide harvesting equipment tailored to your needs, from 5 acre farms to hundreds of acres, our equipment can be customized broadly to potentially suit many different products with little alteration required between crops.

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High-tech cucumber harvesting

Cucumbers are big business for Canada as the world’s fourth largest exporter of the fruit. But labour shortages have kept – and will continue to keep – production from reaching its full potential. A group at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario is working to create a robot capable of harvesting greenhouse cucumbers to help solve the labour challenge. » Read more...

Saving man hours with solo-user harvest carts

Farm machinery innovation often means bigger sizes and more complex technology. But Sandy Shore Farms, one of Ontario’s largest asparagus growers, is proving smaller and simpler may be the way of the future for harvesting row crops. Their single-man harvest carts are an ultra-simple, gas-powered cart that increases harvest efficiency, decreases wasted time and man hours, and even improves product quality. » Read more...