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Grower Day

Making irrigation decisions with weather data

May was a dry month for large swaths of the country. Rebecca Shortt, OMAFRA water quantity engineer, breaks down evapotranspiration and how it can be used with weather data to make irrigation decisions.

OMAFRA: Preventing and managing pesticide drift

Making the most of spray days involves many factors, one of which is mitigating spray drift. As the resource states, crop injury caused by herbicide drift is guaranteed to cause misery and confrontation.

Podcast: In conversation with Top 4 Under 40 winner Philip Keddy

Philip Keddy, production manager of C.O. Keddy Nursery Inc., discusses the importance of finding what fits for your operation, even if it’s unconventional, and the power of building a rapport with your customers.
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A Healthy Plant with Less Stress.

Fertileader products are combinations of highly available nutrients and our patented Seactiv Complex. The formulations are designed to provide the plant with a critical nutritional and physiological boost at vegetative and reproductive stages during times of stress. Apply Fertileader products during the vegetative growth of your crop to ensure a healthy plant that can tolerate stress. Using this Biostimulant will improve chlorophyll production and improve the vigor of the crop. With multiple trials throughout the province, our Agronomic Technical Consultants are tasked with ensuring proper follow up during the growing season.

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From the Editor: Listening in

The absence of live events over the past year has made these casual conversations rarer and all the more precious for it. As Top 4 Under 40 winner Susan Judd says in our May issue, networking and collaboration are central to the Canadian ag community. She also notes the other key component of a good conversation – listening. A casual conversation over a cup of coffee can lead to great and unexpected things. » Read more...

Breeding ToBRFV resistance

First identified in Israel in 2014, the tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) is one of the most recent members of the tobamovirus genus to make headlines. Resistance genes against tobamoviruses have been bred into most commercial varieties of tomatoes. Tm-22 has been the gold standard resistance gene against tobamoviruses in tomatoes for the last 40 years, but it doesn’t seem to work against ToBRFV. » Read more...
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Backyard Bounty

Grow more food, with less work, in any yard – now completely revised and expanded!

Now completely updated and expanded, Backyard Bounty will demystify gardening, bringing it back to the down-to-earth, environmentally practical activity that anyone can enjoy.

Perfect for novice and experienced gardeners alike, Backyard Bounty shows how even the smallest garden can produce a surprising amount of food twelve months of the year.

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Canadian Fruit & Vegetable Summit

The recorded live and on-demand sessions are now available! » Learn more